Malathi Bolar

Malathi Bolar

Professor Malathi Bolar worked in the Organizational Behaviour Area from 1963 to 15th February 1969.

She resigned from her services with the Institute to join First National City Bank in Mumbai where she served till 1972.

Prof. Bolar received her MA Degree from Madras University after which she studied Law at the Delhi University. She participated in an International Teachers Programme at the Harvard Business School. She also specialized in Manpower Planning and Development from Harvard University.

For almost 20 years, Prof. Bolar worked as a practitioner, researcher, teacher and consultant in personnel management at various institutes and industries. Prof. Bolar was a consultant at the Institute of Applied Manpower Research between 1972 and 1975.

She was associated with various committees set up by the Government of India including, the All India Council of Technical Education, the Committee on National Employment Services and the CST Panel on Futurology among many others. She was also part of numerous research and establishment committees of various departments. Her publications include The Shipping Industry in India (1984) and Performance Appraisal (1978), and Measuring Effectiveness of Personnel Policy Implementation (1970) among various others.

As Director of the Institute of Applied Manpower Research in New Delhi, Prof. Bolar undertook a number of research projects in both, manpower planning and personnel management with an emphasis on career planning and performance appraisal.

Date of Birth: 1934

Date of Death: February 02, 2005