Manendra Mohan

Manendra Mohan

Professor Manendra Mohan worked in the Marketing Area from 7th July 1977 to 30th June 1984.

Prof. Mohan completed his BSc, BA (English Literature) and MSc (Mathematics) from Agra University. Later, he obtained an MA (Economics Statistics) in 1958 from the Delhi School of Economics. Prof. Mohan moved on to complete his PhD in Economics from Manchester University in 1963.

He began work in London as an Assistant in the Economics Advisor's Office at Rio Tinto Zinc Corporation Ltd from 1963 to 1965. He then joined the research and marketing services in the London Press Exchange Ltd, Bombay, as a Manager. Prof. Mohan then headed the Marketing Research Department at Union Carbide India Ltd in Kolkata for six years. He also worked for five years until 1977 at the International School of Secretariat in London as a Senior Research Officer in the Economics and Marketing Research Department.

Prof. Mohan was a member of several organizations including the Society of Business Economist, United Kingdom; the Market Research Society, London and the Business Economists Group of India.

Amongst several publications, Prof. Menon authored Advertising Management: Concept and Cases (1989); Long-term Forecasting of Demand for Lead and Zinc (1964); Long Range Forecasting of Demand for Industrial Raw Materials (1965); Demand Forecasts for Dry Batteries (1969); The Dynamic Concept Marketing-Economic and Political Weekly (1970); Marketing Research in a Consumer Society (1971); Marketing Research-A Relic or Reality (1974) and Industrial Marketing-Journal of Trade and Industry.

Date of Birth: February 23, 1935