Subhash C. Mehta

Subhash C. Mehta


Professor Subhash C Mehta worked in the Marketing Area from 1964 to 1984.

In 1959, he received his MA in Political Science from the Punjab University Camp College in New Delhi. Prof. Mehta served as the Sub Editor of the Kanpur Monthly Journal in 1960. Later, he received his Master's Diploma in Public Administration from the Indian School of Public Administration in New Delhi. Prof. Mehta completed his PhD in 1977 from the University of Missouri in Columbia.

During the course of 20 years at the Institute, Prof. Mehta served in the capacity of Research Fellow, Research Associate, Faculty Research Associate, Assistant Professor and Professor. After his resignation, he joined a University in Singapore.

He authored Marketing: Environment, Concepts, and Cases (1980) amongst several publications. His cases and papers focused on issues faced in several real life situations. His colleagues remembered him as an unpretentious and frank individual.

Date of Birth: June 15, 1937

Date of Death: July 19, 2012