Rushikesh M Maru

Rushikesh M Maru

Professor Rushikesh M Maru worked in the Public Systems Group from 22nd March 1976 to 1st July 1987.

He completed his MA in Economics from MS University, Vadodara in 1961. He joined the Political Sciences Department at the University as a Research Associate. After two years of service in 1963, he worked with the Centre for the Study of Developing Society in New Delhi until 1969. He was an Assistant Editor at the Chinese Study Centre. Later, he became a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Lund in Sweden as part of the Research Policy Program. On finishing his tenure at CSDS in Delhi, he joined the Centre for Chinese Studies at the University of Michigan as a Research Associate in the summer of 1970. He then shifted to the Centre for Population Planning in the same University. In 1975, he earned his PhD in Political Science from the University of Michigan.

Prof. Maru worked for Health Systems in several countries. In 1996, he joined the Indian Institute of Health Management Research in Jaipur. He established new performance standards alongside nurturing a strong academic culture. He was interested in the Population Planning Policy in India.

Date of Birth: August 28, 1941

Date of Death: April 23, 1998