Asghar A Karim

Asghar A Karim


Professor Asghar A Karim worked in the Marketing Area from 1962 to 25th June 1966.

He earned his MA in Sociology from the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom. Prof. Karim was among the first faculty members to be sent to the Harvard Business School for the Teachers Training Programme.

Prof. Karim was a Member of the Faculty in the Dairy Management Conference organized by the Institute in collaboration with the National Dairy Research Institute in Karnal. He also conducted student interviews across several admission centers of the Institute. Prof. Karim was actively involved in projects with Larsen & Toubro.

He was an Urdu poet who was known to have the natural creative ability to create the content of his poetry almost instantaneously. Prof. Karim is survived by a son, Sohail.