Surinder P S Pruthi

Surinder P S Pruthi


Professor Surinder P S Pruthi worked in the Economics Area from 1962 to 15th September 1967.

He was one of the first faculty members who were sent to the Harvard Business School for the International Teachers Program.

Prof. Pruthi obtained his MA in Economics from the Delhi School of Economics. He then completed his PhD in Economics from the London School of Economics.

Prof. Pruthi worked with several organizations and committees. Some of these include the Bhakra Nangal Project (1955); the Joint Consultative Board of Industry and Labour (1956) and the National Productivity Council of India (1958). He was also associated with the Garware Institute of Vocational Education, Mumbai (1982); the National Institute of Construction Management and Research, Mumbai (1983); ILO/UNDP Project for the Improvement of Industrial Practices (1988) and Industrialization Strategy (Productivity, Training and Technology) for the World Bank (1993). Prof. Pruthi was also the Executive Councilor and Vice Chancellor at Mumbai University.

Prof. Pruthi did extensive empirical research at various institutions of higher learning and for various national and international agencies. He was the recipient of the British Council Grant in Aid for research work in the United Kingdom and of the Manchester University Award for Research in Economic and Social Studies. He was awarded with financial assistance from the Oslo University and Bergen School of Economics for a programme on Industries of Norway. Prof. Pruthi was the recipient of the Escorts Award for the best book of the year. He also received a UNDP sponsored study visit of leading universities in the United Kingdom and United States.

Strategizing change and directing policy were his core strengths. His mission was to influence and educate young minds and ready them for the future. Prof. Purthi authored Reflections: Events, People, Policies and Practices. This book covers stories from his life including times well spent at IIMA. He visited the Institute in December 2008 for PGP 1968's 40th batch reunion.

Date of Death: 17th April 2015