S M Patel

S M Patel

Professor S M Patel worked in the Centre for Management in Agriculture from 1st January 1969 to 11th May 1970.

He obtained his BSc (Agriculture) from BA College of Agriculture, Anand in 1951. Later, he joined the BA College as a Demonstrator in Agriculture Engineering till 1953. Prof. Patel received his M.Sc in Agricultural Engineering in 1954 from King's College, London. He completed his PhD in 1956.

Prof. Patel returned to BA College as Professor and Head of Department of Agriculture Engineering. There, he worked in several capacities for five years till 1961. After a short stint as a Research Engineer in Jyoti Ltd, Baroda, Prof Patel joined IIMA.

His many publications include a research paper titled An Investigation into Force Analysis and Performance of a Blade Cultivator.

Date of Birth: November 23, 1928