Ashok Jambhekar

Ashok Jambhekar

Ashok Jambhekar

Dr. Ashok Jambhekar served as the Librarian from 1st August 1988 to 2nd June 2003.

Dr. Jambhekar received his BSc Degree in 1961 from the Vikram University in Madhya Pradesh. He attained a Diploma in Library Science from the Delhi University in 1964. Dr. Jambhekar began work as a Librarian in September 1964 at the Government Women's Polytechnic in Bhopal. From October 1966 to March 1970, he worked as a Librarian in Kendriya Vidyalaya, Indore. He held a Master's Degree in Economics and History from the Indore University.

He then went on to become a Senior Technical Assistant at the Indore University, in the Library and Department of Business Management where he served till 1973. Dr. Jambhekar worked in the capacity of Assistant Librarian and Library In Charge at the Indian Council of World Affairs in New Delhi until 1988.

Dr. Jambhekar was President of the Management Libraries Network. His publications include Orientation of Readers (1972); Documentation on Asia (1976) and Developing a Customer-Focus Approach to Marketing of Library and Information Services (2002).

Dr. Jambhekar was a great source of inspiration. The Ashok Jambhekar Memorial Lecture Series began in 2007 holds discussions on various topics related to Library and Information Science. He was best known his simplicity, austerity, brevity, honesty and integrity.

Date of Birth: December 04, 1941

Date of Death: June 02, 2003