M Kuppuswam Subramaniam

M Kuppuswam Subramaniam


Mr. M Kuppuswami Subramaniam served as the Administrative Officer and Secretary of the Faculty Council from 30th September 1963 to 10th June 1971.

He received his MA Degree from the University of Madras. His major contributions to the Institution include building the administrative support system in its natal stages. He functioned in the capacity of the Chief Administrative Officer.

Mr. Subramaniam was the architect and engineer of the Institute's administrative support system. He was instrumental in recruiting the staff members particularly the Stenographers in the initial years of the Institute. Mr Subramaniam was the first to achieve some semblance of gender balance in staff recruitment.

As CAO, Mr. Subramaniam was assigned the task of writing the minutes for all the major committee meetings and wrote the minutes in great detail, providing a valuable insight into IIMA's history, several decades later.