Deepti Bhatnagar

Deepti Bhatnagar

IIMA FPM (1972-77) and Faculty (1984-2014)

Deepti Bhatnagar, IIMA FPM (1972-77) and Faculty (1984-2014)

Prof. Deepti Bhatnagar (8th August, 1949- ), was associated with IIMA in various capacities for over thirty-five years. She was a doctoral student (1972-77) and a faculty member in the Organizational Behaviour Area (1984-2014). She held numerous administrative positions including Chair of Management Development Programmes (MDP), wrote a variety of cases and supervised many doctoral students. In this hour-long interview, she recounts her life from her early days, observes many aspects of IIMA and gives the rationale behind a notable donation made towards IIMA's staff welfare, upon finally leaving the Institute.

Interview recorded on 20th November, 2019

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Title: Prof. Deepti Bhatnagar on empowering young Faculty at IIMA

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