Alok Chakrabarti

Alok Chakrabarti

PGP 1964-66

Alok Chakrabarti, PGP 1964-66

Alok Chakrabarti (1942-) studied Chemical Engineering at Jadavpur University in Kolkata before doing the PGP in Business Administration at IIMA in 1964-66, as a member of the first batch of students at IIMA. He worked briefly with the Sahu Jain group, then did his PhD at Northwestern University in USA and spent his career in academia in various universities, most prominently at Drexel University and New Jersey Institute of Technology. In an interview over Skype, he recounted his motivation to join IIMA, student life, faculty interactions, work with the Sahu Jain group and his post-IIMA career in management academia.

Interview recorded on 19th October, 2018

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Title: Alok Chakrabarti (PGP 1966)_A Short Message