V L Mote and Snehalata Mote

V L Mote and Snehalata Mote

V L Mote, IIMA Faculty (1962-1993) and Snehalata Mote

Prof. Vasant L. Mote (1933-2019), former faculty at IIMA (1962-1993), was admired by generations of students at IIMA, especially for his distinctive teaching style. The second faculty member to be appointed at IIMA on 14th August, 1962, he was a member of the first PGP Admissions Committee, chaired the Quantitative Methods Area (later PQM), PGP affairs and Alumni Association, was associated with the Centre for Regional Management Studies, was Director-Programmes, and a faculty nominee on IIMA’s Board of Governors in the 1980s. He wrote numerous cases and books, participated in management development programmes and was an expert on the textile industry. In a two-hour interview, he recounted his life from his childhood, his interest in Mathematics, love for the case method and the challenges encountered at IIMA. Towards the end of the interview, Snehalata Mote, his wife, was also interviewed about life on IIMA campus during their long stay.

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