Meenakshi Malya

Meenakshi Malya

Meenakshi Malya, IIMA Faculty (1966-80)

Prof. Meenakshi Malya (4th Feb 1936- ), was a faculty member of IIMA for fourteen years from Feb 1966 to June 1980. She was associated with the Centre for Management in Agriculture (CMA), Production & Quantitative Methods Area and Economics Area, and was best known for co-teaching the course 'Mathematics and Statistics for Management' (MSM, popularly called Mote-Saha-Malya for the faculty who taught it). She wrote numerous cases, books, consulted and taught in executive education programmes. She held several administrative positions including Co-ordinator of 3-Tiered Programme in 1969 at Agra, Chair of Management Development Programmes (1974-75), Alumni Activities (1977-78), Research & Publications (1978-79), Member of Placement Committee (1976-78), Policy & Planning Committee (1978-79) and was a member of the core group at IIMA advising on the establishment of the Indian Institute of Forest Management (1978-79). She held a M. Sc from Aberdeen and a DBA (PhD) in Managerial Economics from Harvard (1969-73), the latter degree sponsored by IIMA. She resigned in 1980 for spiritual pursuits in an ashram in Pune. In this hour-long interview, she recounts her life from her early days and observes many aspects of IIMA during her time.

Interview recorded on 17th December, 2021, in conversation with Raman Nanda (PGP 1976).

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