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Books/Book Chapters & Reports



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Working papers


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Research supported/financed by Centre


  • Bansal, A., Gopalakrishnan, B., Jacob, J., & Srivastava, P. (2022). Impact of Operational Fragility on Stock Returns: Lessons from COVID ‐19 Crisis. International Review of Finance. Link
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Working Papers

  • Ram Mohan, M.P, & Prasad, S. (2023). Environmental Claims under Indian Insolvency Law: Concepts and Challenges Link
  • Chakrabarti, A, & Sen, R. (2022). Limiting Spectral Distribution of High-Dimensional Hayashi-Yoshida Estimator of Integrated Covariance Matrix. Link
  • Chakrabarti, A., & Chakrabarti A.S. (2021). Sparsistent Filtering of Comovement Networks from High-Dimensional Data. Link

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