Intelligence and Consciousness - An Interplay Shaping Humanity

19/11/2022 - 19/11/2022

Intelligence and Consciousness - An Interplay Shaping Humanity

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Intelligence and Consciousness - An Interplay Shaping Humanity

Speaker’s Profile:
Kiran Mani is the General Manager for Google’s Android | Play Ecosystem in Asia Pacific and Japan, based out of Google’s regional headquarters, in Singapore. He is responsible for the consumer experience and developer growth on the platform. Kiran has been with Google for 12 years, during which time he has built and scaled multiple billion dollar business units, in Asia, US and Globally.

Kiran is a qualified Public Accountant and a Chartered financial Analyst. Before Google, Kiran founded and sold a Startup- “Fosbury Flop” – An ad-tech platform to crowd-source marketing solutions – creative, media & services. And before that, he managed Brand, Marketing and Operations at Microsoft India and was the VP of Systems Marketing for IBM Asia Pacific, based in Singapore. Kiran is an active angel investor and board advisor in the areas of technology, organization and digital transformation. Outside of work, Kiran is a father to two adorable girls, has lived in nine cities across three continents, speaks five languages, has a love for motor-bikes and has trekked the Everest base camp – twice! He dedicates time to practice and teach mindfulness and meditation - He believes the worlds of compassion, fun and serious business should co-exist to create true lasting value.