India Strategy Conference 2024

15/12/2024 - 18/12/2024

India Strategy Conference 2024

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                                                                          India Strategy Conference
                                                            December 15-18, 2024 | Venue: IIM Ahmedabad
                                                                Strategizing in an AI dominated world                                                                           

                                                                                 Call for Proposals

Over the past decade or so, the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI), particularly Machine Learning (ML) and data-driven techniques, with decision-making, has been highly influential in the way organizations are strategizing for the future. This has led to firms re-imagine their decision-making processes, customer interfaces and even the business models. AI has profoundly influenced the reshaping of organizational dynamics. It has permeated operational frameworks and strategic formulations within businesses across the world. AI, as a concept, denotes a network of computer systems endowed with the capacity to comprehend a complex environment, and make choices encompassing information from a diverse set of data forms such as numerical data, speech, text, and images. AI systems also exhibit a learning capability, drawing insights from historical patterns, and executing actions to optimize the realization of predefined objectives. The application of AI technologies has, in turn, undergone a transformative impact on the decision-making processes of organizations.

We hope through the India Strategy Conference 2024, we will be able to bring together researchers, educators, and managers to a common platform for discussing these issues and to enable the global community of strategy scholars and practitioners to engage with these phenomena.

We encourage submissions of proposals that are empirical (qualitative or quantitative), conceptual or purely theoretical in nature and employ strategic management theories to investigate the impact of AI and ML on strategy and strategic decision-making. We also welcome proposals to carry out simulations, systematic literature reviews or meta-analysis on the topic. The submissions to the conference theme tracks should focus on (but are not limited) to issues associated with:

  • How does AI impact value creation, delivery, and capture in a firm?
  • How does AI transform industry structure, shape competitive forces and strategy, and facilitate new business models?
  • What are the necessary complementary assets for firms to leverage AI effectively to compete in the market?
  • What role does AI play in formulating platform strategies while shaping the emergence of ecosystems?
  • What are the funding, scaling and governance challenges faced by AI enabled new ventures and how they address these?
  • What role can AI play in Corporate Strategy and managing a portfolio of diversified businesses?
  • How can AI support or enable TMT decision-making and board governance?
  • How is AI replacing human talent and what role should strategic human resource management play in ensuring the competitiveness of the firm is enhanced with proper use of AI backed decision making.

Scholars are invited to submit original manuscript proposals that have theoretical and/or empirical contributions which either address the conference theme or fall into one of the following tracks at the conference. Submitters who are uncertain of the appropriate track for their submissions should contact the conference committee.

Track 1) Conference Theme : Strategizing in an AI dominated world
Track 2) Environment, Society and Governance (ESG) and Non-Market Strategy
Track 3) Internationalization and Global Strategy
Track 4) Technology, Innovation and Digital Transformation
Track 5) Family Business and Entrepreneurship
Track 6) Leadership and Human Capital

Original proposals should not exceed a total of 7 pages or about 4000 words, inclusive of figures, tables, references and all other material. The proposals should use single spacing and not less than 10-point font. References are required and must be included in the proposal document using APA style. Proposals should include a) Title, not exceeding 100 characters, b) abstract, not exceeding 125 words. Proposals should not include author names to maintain confidentiality in the review process.

The proposals should be submitted directly to the 2024 India Strategy Conference portal ( The submissions will be peer-reviewed and select proposal will be published in the conference proceedings (option will be provided to withdraw from the proceedings). You are welcome to volunteer to participate as session chairs and reviewers by contacting the track chairs directly.

Pre-conference Workshops and Sessions

The conference will also host a variety of professional development workshops and interactive sessions. These will be designed for multiple audiences as indicated below:

  • Methods Workshop: The workshop will deep dive into two or three methods in smaller groups. It will be primarily for early stage researchers (doctoral students and faculty).
  • Editors’ Panel: A panel of editors from a Top international journal will discuss the submission to publication process and answer queries from the audience on how to increase the chances of publishing in top journals.
  • Practitioner Sessions: There will be sessions where the participants will be introduced to contemporary issues facing the world of practice. In these sessions, top executives who handle strategic issues will participate and share unique experiences from their professional careers. These sessions are aimed at building interfaces between the world of practice and academic research.
  • Career Talks: Veteran academics will share their academic journeys and provide useful tips to the early career academics to excel in professional journeys.
  • Director’s Panel: This panel aims to bring together academic leaders from Indian business schools and overseas to share their rich and varied experiences and to explore some of the critical aspects of advancing scholarship in India.

All the sessions including the pre-conference workshops will be free for attendees registered for the conference. The applications for these pre-conference workshops will open after proposal acceptances are sent.

Important deadlines
Submission System opens                      June 1, 2024
Proposal submission deadline                 August 1, 2024
Notification of acceptance                       September 15, 2024
Early registration fee payment                November 1, 2024
Pre-conference workshops                     December 15-16, 2024
Conference Dates                                 December 16-18, 2024

Conference Administration

Secretariat                     and
Co-chairs:                               Prof. Chitra Singla, IIM Ahmedabad (
                                               Prof. Amit Karna, IIM Ahmedabad (
                                               Prof. Seung Hoon Lee, ISB (

Submission details and other relevant conference information will be available at < a href="">

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