Electric Vehicles and Smart Mobility

12/08/2023 - 12/08/2023

Electric Vehicles and Smart Mobility

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About the Theme:

The mobility of people and goods is a marker of any country's progress. As the fastest-growing major economy, India is poised to experience significant growth in demand for transportation services. Road transport contributes to more than 90% of India's total transport sector emissions, making it essential to develop alternative technologies to decarbonize road transport. To ensure a green transition and in conformity with India's target of reducing GHG emissions intensity by 2030, Electric Vehicles (EVs) have emerged as a favoured choice going ahead. India is also a member of the EV30@30 initiative that targets 30% of vehicular sales to be electric by 2030. Government initiatives to promote EV transition like FAME, PLI for Advanced Cell Chemistry and auto components and state-level incentives are fostering an ecosystem that supports EV manufacturing in India. The growth in the EV sector also comes with its own set of technological, infrastructural, regulatory, operational and strategic challenges.

Academic research in facility location, network optimization, battery technology, grid integration, smart mobility and autonomous vehicles, range and efficiency optimization, and policy impact assessment are some of the many ways in which academia can help solve many real-world India class problems in increasing EV adoption in India and promoting sustainable road transport systems. Today, organizations are also developing smart mobility solutions that offer creative solutions for low carbon transportation and incorporate digital technologies for better transportation system planning and operations.

The workshop aims to help different stakeholders of the Indian EV and mobility ecosystem to engage in meaningful discussions, bring different perspectives and promote a free flow of ideas among guests and participants.

Objectives of the workshop: The following are the key objectives of the workshop: 1. Understand the best practices and challenges in the industry, 2. Learn, engage, and collaborate with industry professionals in the EV sector, 3. Support policy-making in electric vehicles and smart mobility.

The workshop includes keynote speeches, research talks and panel discussions by distinguished guests. The workshop is open to students, research scholars, faculty members, practitioners, policy makers and mobility enthusiasts interested in EVs and smart mobility.

Due to limited seating capacity, we request that interested participants register for the event by August 10, 2023.




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