Precious Metals Trading: Products, Strategies, Risks and Compliance (Online Workshop)


Precious Metals Trading: Products, Strategies, Risks and Compliance (Online Workshop)

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Start Date:

25 Feb, 2022 (1330 IST to 1800 IST)

End Date:

26 Feb, 2022 (1000 to 1730 IST)

Last Date for Application:

February 21, 2022

Programme Flyer:


Programme Fee:

40,000 INR plus GST

Payment Details

Registration to the workshop is closed.


With the launch of India International Bullion Exchange and soon to be launched domestic spot exchanges for precious metals in India, the landscape of trading of precious metals is going to see a substantial change. It will open a wide range of market opportunities for trading in precious metals, however, will also require a deeper understanding of the product mixes, trading strategies and instruments for mitigating risks. The disintermediation that comes with this is expected to benefit the stakeholders across the value chain.

In this context, this workshop on precious metals trading is designed to make you understand the nuances of the business straight from the veterans in the field. The programme shall give an overall perspective on various facets of precious metals with regards to trading, hedging strategies, risk management and compliance among others. Further, the programme shall offer deep insights into unexplored aspects of mining and the risks of mine sourcing as well as how vaulting partners play an important role in maintenance of supply chain integrity.

The most important highlight of the programme is that the speakers shall impart knowledge gained through their experiences of how to run a precious metals desk which for many institutions are integral to their treasury management.


Programme Highlights:

Setting up precious metals desk: Understanding Products, Trading and Accounting principles

Introduction to various derivative instruments on CME (pre-recorded session)

Risk management in treasury operations, regulations and compliance

Understanding various risks and role of insurance in precious metals

The role of logistics and vaulting from mining to retailing.

Operation of India International Bullion Exchange


Key Learnings Outcomes:

This workshop on precious metals trading will help you understand:

  • Broader understanding of supply and demand factors in price discovery.  
  • The role of central banks, bullion banks, private trading companies and various participants in the value chain
  • Role of regulated market intermediaries 
  • Significance of India International Bullion Exchange for Indian gold and jewellery industry
  • Operational framework of unallocated account, and various terminologies associated with the precious metals trading.
  • Get a comprehensive understanding about various products in precious metals trade,and the accounting principles.
  • Develop insights into various risks in the business and steps to mitigate it.
  • The significance of vaulting and logistics in the precious metals business.


Participants profile

Front office, middle office and back office of treasury operations at any financial institution, refiner, bullion dealer and jeweller

Regulators wanting to get a comprehensive understanding of the precious metals business and potential risks.



Mr Ashok Kumar Gautam, MD & CEO, India International Bullion Exchange at IFSC, GIFT City, India

Mr Sunil Kashyap, Managing Director, FinMet Pte Limited, Singapore   

Mr Avadhani Sanagram, Consultant,  ICBC Standard Bank London.

Mr. Jeremy East, Independent commodities consultant, East Wind Capital, Hong Kong

Mr David Gornall, Independent Consultant for precious and base metals, UK

Mr Lars Johansson, Independent consultant, Secure Supply Chains, Switzerland. 

Mr Stuart Thomas, Director, Corporate Risks, Precious Metals and Mining at CBC Insurance- Lloyd’s Insurance Broker, UK  

Mr Sachin Patel, Senior Director, Metals, with CME Group, Singapore