IIMA-IGPC Conference on Gold and Gold Markets, 2020


IIMA-IGPC Conference on Gold and Gold Markets, 2020

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Third IGPC – IIMA GGM Conference 2020

Date of the Conference: February 7 & 8, 2020

Venue: India Habitat Center, New Delhi

India Gold Policy Center (IGPC) at IIMA organized the third two-day conference on Gold & Gold Markets at India Habitat Center, New Delhi. This was a mix of panel discussions, paper presentations and case study presentations. It was widely attended by policy makers, academicians and industry stakeholders.

Conference Committee

Committee Members

  • Prof. Arvind Sahay, Chairperson, IGPC, IIMA
  • Prof. Biju Varkkey, IIMA
  • Prof. Chetan Soman, IIMA
  • Prof. Dirk Baur, University of Western Australia
  • Prof. Joshy Jacob, IIMA
  • Prof. Sanket Mohapatra, IIMA


Mentors: Prof. Arvind Sahay, Chairperson IGPC & Prof. Errol D'Souza, Director, IIMA

Conference Organizers: Mr Sudheesh Nambiath, Associate Vice President IGPC and Team IGPC


Conference Topics

The Conference intents to receive research papers / case studies on topics focused on but not limited to -

  • OTC, spot and derivatives exchange platforms
  • Financing structures from mining to retailing
  • Gold's silent role as a quasi-currency in international markets
  • Structure and pricing efficiency of gold markets
  • Consumer behavior with respect to gold
  • Retailing and logistics of gold
  • Central Bank policies relating to gold
  • Taxes and tariffs on gold trade
  • Household finance and gold
  • Linkages among gold and other precious metals, commodities, equity and debt
  • Implications of macroeconomic (fiscal, monetary and trade) policies for gold markets


The conference shall encourage submissions in all the topics which are policy-relevant to gold.


Paper / Case Study Submission

Format for papers

Length: 6000 to 7000 words for paper; 4500 to 6000 words (inclusive of references)

Margins: 2.5 cm. or 1 inch

Font: Times New Roman, 12 point; Spacing 1.5

Title Page: Title, author(s), affiliation(s), contact details

Key Words: Minimum Four

Last Date for Submission of Papers

An electronic copy of the papers in MS Office Word 2007/2010 version should be mailed to the conference team not later than December 15, 2019 at indiagoldevent@iima.ac.in.

Review & Selection Process

The submissions for papers/case studies will be peer reviewed and only those approved by the reviewers will be selected.

External Research Papers

  1. Round the clock international price discovery of gold
  2. Behavioral pattern of physical stocks and deliveries in Indian Gold Futures Market
  3. How Rupeek is helping Indian banks double the personal gold loan market
  4. Preferences, Use and Impact of Gold Savings product in Migrant Corridors
  5. Behavioral factors impacting the investment decisions in gold – exploratory study
  6. Gold purchase preferences and consumption values of women teachers in Kerala
  7. The role of family members in gold buying decision – an empirical study using correspondence analysis
  8. An empirical analysis of perceptions of investors towards gold
  9. Analysis of consumer behavior: A special reference to gold jewelry purchase
  10. Impact of financial knowledge in ascertaining risk appetite and risk tolerance of gold investors – a test of expected utility theory
  11. A golden death of dogma to invest in gold: A new investment approach to transform the sector with respect to consumer behavior
  12. New paradigm of bullion banking in India – An empirical investigation
  13. Creating a market for Indian Refined Gold: A survey
  14. A sociological study of goldsmiths of Bengal: migration, artisanal entrepreneurship and social mobility
  15. Our ears have been bare since then: Gold ownership in a raw silk producing town through the economic reform period
  16. State policies in India and the gold industry: Exploring the labour process in the gold jewelry making industry in Kerala, India


Sponsored / Internal Research Papers

  1. Is gold a luxury (rich man’s) product? – Dr. Rajesh Shukla, PRICE
  2. Financial Market Evidence of Gold’s Special Role in India – Prof. Dirk Baur, University of Western Australia Business School
  3. Forecasting short run gold spot prices in India using mixed frequency models – Mr. Varun Yadav, IIMA
  4. Price Discovery of Gold in Indian Spot Market – Mr. Himanshu Sharma and Mr. Abhishek Haider, Bank of America & IIMA
  5. Wishlist or Cart: Consumer Perception in Online Jewelry Retail – Ms. Sukriti Sekhri, IIMA
  6. Impact of U.S. President Trump Tweets on Financial Markets in 2019 and the prediction of the percentage change in Gold Price using NLP and Machine Learning – Ms. Anuradha Poddar & Ms. Renisha Chainani, IIMA
  7. Challenges faced by Gems & Jewelry sector in India in availing Bank Finance – Ms. Pooja Thakkar, IIMA
  8. Gold Exploration and Mining in India: Current Status and the Project – Dr. Prabhakar Sangurmath, Hutti Gold Mines Co. Ltd., Mr Kapil Shukla &  Ms. Minal Marathe, IIMA

Conference Agenda

Agenda of Conference on Gold & Gold Markets, February 7 & 8, 2020