A Dialogue with Women with Visual Impairment


A Dialogue with Women with Visual Impairment

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IIM Ahmedabad is inviting 50 visually impaired women from Blind People's Association (BPA) Ahmedabad on 7th October from 10:00 am to 01:00 pm. All of them will be from lower socioeconomic strata. The women will get an 'experience' of IIM Ahmedabad.

We plan to have multiple small sections including motivational content, financial literacy, digital literacy, overcoming self-limiting beliefs etc.

The purpose of the session is to:

  1. Understand their worldview
  2. Understand how to conduct an inclusive classroom with visually impaired women.
  3. To generate impactful ideas for implementation along with BPA.

As a part of this initiative, the Centre for Digital Transformation, at IIM Ahmedabad wants to convey the messages from diverse stakeholders and population groups for these women. These messages will be played audio/video in the classroom or read aloud. These messages could be related to emotional support, empathy, providing information about technology/ government schemes which can help these women, stories/ anecdotes etc.

The Centre for Digital Transformation at IIM Ahmedabad is planning to collect motivational messages for visually impaired women in the form of video or text or voice message. Request you to volunteer to share your motivational messages for the visually impaired women.