What is ePGP from IIMA?

e-Mode Post Graduate Programme (ePGP) in Management is a two-year post graduate programme (with added flexibility of completion in 3 years), leading to awarding "Master of Management Studies (eLearning Mode)", offered on Virtual Interactive Learning Platform (VILP) platform. The objective of the programme is to impart management education to junior, middle and senior level working professionals and entrepreneurs seeking skills and strategies to take their organizations to the next level.

How is the ePGP different from the other long duration programmes at IIMA?

While other IIMA long duration programmes are residential, the ePGP is offered through a satellite technology-enabled interactive class room in your city with classroom modules conducted in the IIMA campus at different time-slots.

What is meant by "programme conducted in your city"?

The sessions will be delivered at identified service partner's (VCNow) centres. Therefore, the candidates will get a flexibility to attend the online sessions in their city.

How many years of work experience does the candidate need to have?

Working professionals and entrepreneurs with a minimum of 3 years full-time work experience can apply for the programme. Only work experience after, completion of graduation will be counted.

Will I be getting Master Degree / Diploma upon successful completion of the programme?

A Master's Degree will be issued on successful completion of the ePGP course.

Does the Institute provide Placement Support/Career Services for the ePGP?

Placement Support/Career Services are not provided for this programme.

What are the documents required to be submitted along with the online application?

Following documents are required to be submitted along with the online application.

a. Mark sheets and relevant examination/degree certificates of :

                 i. SSC / SSLC / Matriculation / Secondary School

                 ii. PUC / Intermediate / Higher Secondary School

                 iii. Bachelor's Degree

                 iv. Master's Degree (if applicable)

                 v. Other professional qualification (s)

                 vi. CAT / GMAT / GRE / IAT test score cards, whichever is applicable

b. Recent Passport size photograph

c. For Employed:

               i. Appointment letter(s)

               ii. Relieving letter(s)

               iii. Last Salary slip

d. For Entrepreneurs:

               i. Partnership Deed

               ii. MoA- Memorandum of Association

               iii. AoA-Article of Association

               iv. Local Body/Proof of Incorporation/Ownership

               v. Last three years Income Tax Return

               vi. Any other document related to entrepreneurial experience

Do you accept sponsorship for the students? Is there any reservation for company-sponsored candidates? Is the admission process different for sponsored candidates?


The Institute accepts company-sponsored candidates and there is no reservation. The admission process is only through the specific tests followed by personal interview.

How are candidates shortlisted for personal interview?

The candidates are shortlisted based on criteria such as CAT / GMAT / GRE / IAT (IIMA Admission Test) Test score, educational qualifications and their work experience.

What are the additional expenses to be borne by a participant?

Travelling & lodging expenses during the campus module shall be borne by the participant. If participant opts to avail accommodation on IIMA campus (subject to availability) they shall pay the lodging charges directly to International Management Development Centre (IMDC) facility management / Students Activity Office.

Is there any loan facility available for funding the course expenditure?

Bank of Baroda & Indian Bank is providing financial assistance for this programme. However, the candidates need to independently fulfill all the criteria required by the bank. We are also working with few more banks to secure empanelment of ePGP in the list of programmes eligible for financial assistance.

Does the programme provide the participant with flexibility to take a break for work-related travel/stay outside the city/country or unforeseen emergencies?

A student may make a request for break from a programme giving details of reasons for such a request. In case Institute/Service Partner is satisfied with the reasons for seeking break from the programme, (in exceptional cases, on compassionate ground etc.) it may be allowed, subject to student not in any form of default.

Request for break with adequate details may be submitted to

What are the requirements relating to class attendance?

There is a minimum attendance criterion of 80% for each course.

Is it possible to apply for Ph.D after successful completion of the programme?

The eligibility norms for Ph.D are decided by respective universities and may vary. There may be Universities/Institutions that consider e-Mode Post Graduate Programme as eligibility to apply for Ph.D. As far as IIMA's Ph.D Programme, they are eligible to apply but will have to appear for selection test.

What will be the title of final certificate issued on successful completion of the programme?

The `ePGP' programme is a long duration programme offered by IIMA, leading to award of "Master of Management Studies (eLearning Mode)". The certificate will be appropriately worded to reflect the same.

Where are the online classes conducted?

The classes are conducted via Satellite Studio at IIM Ahmedabad to country wide-located Service Partner's (VCNow) remote classrooms also known as study centers.

Does the programme provide the participant with an opportunity to acquire international exposure?

As it stands now, there is no international exchange programme integrated into this programme.

What are the class schedules for this course?

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday: 6:45 pm to 9:30 pm

Sunday: 2:00 pm to 4:45 pm (only few Sundays)

A detailed day-wise schedule will be circulated to students at the beginning of each semester.

Will my master degree be awarded at IIMA convocation?


A separate convocation will be arranged and the graduating class will be awarded their master degree at the convocation.

Can I pursue ePGP programme from outside India?


Presently ePGP programme is offered through designated class room centres across India only facilitated by Technology Partner's (VCNow) remote class rooms.

I have 50% aggregate mark in graduation & have total work experience of 3 years. But some of my experience is prior to completion of graduation. Can I apply for this programme?


Applicant must possess 3 years' full time work experience as on March 31, 2020 after successful completion of graduation.

Would I have access to the infrastructure facilities at the IIM Ahmedabad campus?


The candidates are welcome to visit and use any of the physical infrastructure facilities at the IIM Ahmedabad campus, including the library, computer facilities, digital resources, databases, etc. on their campus visit.

Will the participant be given the Alumni status on successful completion of the programme?

The participants are considered bonafide students of IIM Ahmedabad and will enjoy similar privileges, including alumni status.

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