After successful completion of graduation, PGPX students are enrolled in IIMA Alumni network with lifelong connection. IIMA Alumni network is most valuable alumni connection at the global level.

IIMA Alumni provides continuous guidance for better career prospects through knowledge sharing experiences, add more feathers of success to an individual personality. Apart from this, one gets an opportunity to participate in different knowledge imparting session through speaker series, visiting & guest faculty. It assists a lot in grooming the future corporate heads.

With passage of time, more than 11 years have passed since its inception. Alumni of this renowned PGPX program from 11 batches have spread their aura by making its presence felt at global level. They have reached to various senior management positions & have their say in taking important decisions. Thus PGPX alumni is further strengthening its root at national as well as international level.


Student Testimonials:

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Outlook BUSINESS Interview - Rishi Dhariwal, National Credit Manager, Au Financiers (PGPX 2009-10)

Outlook BUSINESS Interview - Vinayak Bhat, Country manager, Indian subcontinent, FactSet (PGPX 2010-11)

Outlook BUSINESS Interview - Agy George, Head, Apac sales, TAKE Solutions (PGPX 2010-11)

Outlook BUSINESS Interview - Vivek Joshi, Associate Director, Kotak Investment Advisors (PGPX 2006-07)

Joota Japani, MBA Hindustani: a Japanese student on journey to IIM A By Yasuhiro Mase, (PGPX 2013-14)

After spending considerable time in Industry, I was looking for an MBA program that could provide me with the right set of skills and tools for my leap into top management career. PGPX with its focus on experiential learning and case based pedagogy was the right choice for me.

- Nagesh Shukla, PGPX 2010-11

PGPX has gone beyond my expectations and never fails to surprise me each day. The quantity and quality of the resources available here are overwhelming. There is a wealth of learning available through students, faculty and industry leaders. It is truly a holistic learning experience and one that is placed at the right time in one's career

- Jyothiswaroop Jayaprakash, PGPX 2010-11

PGPX is a crucible in which world class alchemists drop several immensely dozen bright, tough nuts. They then turn on the heat and watch them cook to perfection and find immense pleasure in watching employers enjoy the spoils of their hard work.

- Rahul Thappa, PGPX 2010-11

PGPX has been an extremely enriching, out-of-body experience so far. Looking back at my decision to take a break from work , I could not have asked for a more rewarding and enjoyable process of sharpening my intellect,applying my experience and honing complimentary skills towards grooming myself for a future leadership role. I'm blown away by the quality and diversity of experience in the classroom.

- Rajesh Premchandran, PGPX 2010-11

PGPX has it all when it comes to transforming an executive's life in a single year - its a superbrand, has the finest Professors, strong case method pedagogy, intelligent and accomplished peers, excellent infrastructure and finally to top it all - the best placements in the country. It certainly has been a dream program for me!

- Major Deepak Iyer, PGPX 2009-10

 I decided to Join PGPX (in 2009) when recession was a huge monster on the horizon. 49 years old, 22 years of post PhD experience were other factors which made a one year break in career a crazy decision for most people including family and colleagues. Most common opinion was that getting a job would be difficult/impossible after PGPX. But IIM A supported and offered me admission. Towards the end of the PGPX program, I soon knew that getting a job was not at all my worry. Rather, I was more concerned with choosing the right job from multiple options that opened up for me.

- Dr. Esmail Samiwala, PGPX 2009-10 

PGPX was a life changing experience for me where you are collaborating with the diverse batch under the guidance of world class professors. You are continuously thrown out of your comfort zone to experience new possibilities. Overall, PGPX is much more than learning, it is about liberating your mind and forming bonds with business leaders and visionaries.

- Nitin Sharma, PGPX 2009-10

PGPX is completely integrated with its objectives to create leaders from managers. Interacting with extraordinary set of people in and out of classrooms and learning from some of the best minds in their fields is truly enriching. Classrooms are agog with passionate discussions on the most relevant issues. PGPX offered me a year of valuable experience.

- Gowrish Prabhu, PGPX 2008-09 

Studying at IIMA is an all-round experience. Learning is not just from classroom, but from all the avenues that we get to interact with faculty, students and industry. Rigor and structure of the course has been designed keeping in mind the uncertain challenges that we would face in the corporate world. I am confident that, down some time in the my life when I look back, I would feel this one year has been the most worthwhile and memorable experience.

- Sankar Annamalai,  PGPX 2007-08 

In just 4 months, we completed 20 courses that form the Building Blocks of IIMA's famed management program. The rigor involved cracking 15-20 cases/course, submitting 4-5 graded reports, making class presentations for the rest, getting surprised by quizzes that not only tested but also shook up our basics, doing research projects, solving grueling end term exams. But the real fun was still finding time to write blogs; play cricket/soccer/TT/chess; enjoy movies/ music/TV; read books; compete in T-nite events like dance/CAT walk. PGPX has definitely doubled my productivity and over here, we call it the X-effect. 

- Biju Nair,  PGPX 2007-08 

The multiple perspectives elicited in a class with cumulative work experience of over 700 years orchestrated by brilliant faculty, makes the whole experience unprecedented. The programme has helped me understand the complex economic and political forces underlying the rapidly changing international business environment today. 

- Rita Gupta, , PGPX 2007-08 

Many times you need an environment to introspect and reflect on your own strengths and capabilities so that you align yourself to your interests, build on your abilities and internalize forward looking concepts. PGPX provides this environment in a short period of 1 year with a well structured program, pedagogy, diverse culture & team of colleagues bringing rich experience from varied fields.

- Vikas Maheshwari,  PGPX 2007-08 

PGPX provided an unparalleled platform to learn new skills and reflect on old experiences. What I gain here will create lifelong value for me. Although one can pinpoint a long list of skills that we've learnt so far, however I think the most valuable is the change in perspective that I have gone through about general management problems.

- Shaleen Garg,  PGPX 2007-08 

I was part of the second batch of PGPX. The programme not only helped me learn critical skills but also landed me in a consulting job at McKinsey, a big switch given my many years of FMCG experience. I am sure PGPX will be in Asian top-5 and global top-20 ranked MBAs very soon. 

- Raju Komaravolu,  PGPX 2007-08 

The 'real' problems experienced by us in the corporate world before joining, help us understand, appreciate & internalise the concepts taught during the course. Our experience brings real world touch to the class discussions & case analysis. The design of course is effective & robust in producing future corporate leaders. 

- Sudipto Mukherjee,  PGPX 2007-08


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