Summer Placements

Summer Internship is an important and integral part of the Post-Graduate Programme (PGP), where students intern with their chosen organization for 8-10 weeks after their first year. The internship programme helps students gain first-hand experience in a particular industry by providing them with ample opportunities to innovate, and challenge ideas and techniques imbibed in the first year. It also helps them in being more receptive to market needs, and in deciding their area of specialization in the second year.

The summer internship also has an academic component: student interns prepare a report on the summer assignment and present it to the organization. They are also required to share their learning with the Institute before they register for the second year. The requirement of making a formal presentation about the project to the company and to the Institute ensures that sufficient rigour and discipline are brought in to this exercise.

The Institute has enjoyed extensive corporate support for summer interns with the result that summer projects have been diverse, challenging, and intense learning experiences. Increasingly, a number of international companies have seen the value of this exercise and have collaborated with the Institute. Also, each company gets a chance to evaluate the interns over a long period in a real business situation and make pre-placement offers based on this evaluation. A number of companies have used these internships as a key source for full-time hires.


Final Placements

Final placements happen during the last term of the graduating year. A formidable array of the best companies in India and the world visit the campus year after year searching for the best talent. Having reached key positions in top corporates worldwide, the Institute's alumni help build a sustainable competitive advantage for organizations that choose to recruit students from our campus. Over the years, the market for the Institute's graduates has remained bullish, as freshly placed recruits continue to deliver on their promises. At the same time, the average work experience has been going up with every batch which was reflected in the choice of diverse profiles that IIMA students opted for during the Final Placements last year.

IIMA has decided to move away from a day-based system to a cohort-based system. The new system is designed with the stated objective of providing a better student-recruiter fit. The process, along with many other changes in the design, allows recruiters to evaluate students over a longer duration while giving them more time to delve into the various career options.


Lateral Placements

Lateral placements happen over an extended period in the final term for students having substantial work experience with firms offering higher than entry-level positions.


Encouraging Entrepreneurship

IIMA also encourages its students to take up Entrepreneurship as a career. This is reflected in the kind of electives offered in the second year as well as the help provided to budding entrepreneurs. There is an in-house incubation centre that hosts several startups. Currently, students are allowed two year entre leave to try out their ventures. Should it run into rough weather, they can come back and participate in the Institute placements through the "Placement Holiday" program. 

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