May 31, 2016

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that are not listed on stock exchanges constrain themselves when it comes to growth. Most such firms grow up to a particular size and no further. This is particularly true of SMEs owned by founders and their families. Outside board members can be particularly effective at coaching and guiding owners to address mental barriers to grow. To understand that, we must first address the question: Why are family owned SMEs not able to grow?

May 31, 2016

What is common to Barclays, Fidelity and JP Morgan, other than the fact that they are all large multinational financial institutions? As regular readers of this daily would probably recognize, all three have had to face the embarrassment of acknowledging spreadsheet errors amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars. It's not financial services firms alone that have been left red-faced due to "Excel mistakes''. MI5, the British intelligence agency, also ended up bugging...

May 23, 2016

While teaching courses on environment and sustainability to management students, I find it interesting as to how frequently and how strongly a view emerges that India, at its current stage of development, should ignore environmental costs for the sake of meeting its development goals. This view appears to be consistent with the larger public opinion in India. When the World Values Survey—conducted across more than 80 countries—reported its findings from India in 2014, ab...

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