"For me, PGPX is the watershed that changed the course of my professional life – from a civil servant to an executive in private sector to an entrepreneur. Without PGPX midwifing it, this transformation would have been impossible. I'm ever grateful to IIMA and to the program" 


Pramod Unniyal, PGPX-2007-08

Co-founder & CEO, Mobico Comodo Pvt Ltd

"One year of PGPX completely transformed my career. The course carefully knits together all aspects of business and general management, enabling you to inter-link strategy, corporate finance, marketing and a lot more. These are all very essential components of business decision-making. My view has widened and become holistic now. I changed from a supply chain professional to a strategy and market development manager and I couldn't have done justice to my new role without PGPX."


Kratika Gupta, PGPX 2015-16

Senior Manager, Strategy and Corporate Projects, OmniActive Health Technologies

"With almost 15 years of prior managerial experience already, my objective was to build a theoretical foundation to experiential learnings, and build strategic skills & perspective.  The program is intensive with an international perspective, the Case method is very effective, faculty are world-class, and learning's are of a very high level. One of the unplanned benefits of the program has been that my business intuition has become more well developed, thereby enhancing the skill of anticipating events which can impact business."


Vivek Joshi, PGPX 2006-07

Associate Director, Kotak Investment Advisors Ltd

"If there is one place which helps to give your professional career wings after considerable work experience, then it is the IIMA PGPX program.  The 1 year full time MBA program, makes you go through the grind in such a way that you develop a holistic perspective of viewing at any business problem.  Your classmates are all high achievers, and comes from a diverse background.  The IIMA's famed case study based pedagogy and the class discussions, help you not only learn from the professors but also a lot from your fellow classmates."

Abhishek Gupta, PGPX 2011-12



"My one year at PGPX was a truly enriching and memorable one, thanks to the unbeatable combination of course content, pedagogy, quality of the faculty and the diversity of the peers. The course provided me with the tools and insights and sharpened my ability to think, strategize and execute business. More significantly, it helped me achieve a radical shift in the industry from IT to Energy and widen my span from Account Management to Enterprise Management." 


Sriram Vishwanathan, PGPX 2012-13

CEO, Thermax Onsite Energy Solutions Ltd.

"PGPX program gives you that rare opportunity to get off the corporate treadmill and immerse ourselves in a year of learning and knowledge. On looking back I see PGPX year as a welcome break from corporate career life, time to think and reflect on your future career path and enjoy the campus life of IIM Ahmedabad."


Bhavprita Harshawardhan, PGPX 2017-18

General Manager-Strategy & Marketing, OmniActive Health Technologies

"The Social sector in India is undergoing a transition from traditional organizations run by gut and feel-good, to more evidence-based and systematic organisations. Being part of the sector at this point of inflection, I joined the PGPX program to gain knowledge in the fields of Operations, Finance, Economics among others; hone my skills in data interpretation and analysis, and essentially complement my on-ground sector experience in the field of education. The program gave me exactly what I had wanted, if not more. I was exposed to wonderful fellow-learners, inspiring professors, interesting courses and took back the enviable tag of an IIMA alumnus."


Megha Srinivasan,  PGPX 2017-18

Director, Strategy & State Programs, The Education Alliance

"The special services motto ‘Men apart, every man an emperor’ could well be used to describe the participants and faculty at PGPX. It was a treat to study with and to be taught by some of the most brilliant, experienced and diverse minds in the country - in fact, the whole world. The famous IIM-A rigor, pedagogy and the tough grind of a year ensures that the end product is a quality Swiss watch which needs no advertising. The PGPX program is a positive life changing experience."

Sanjay Chhibber, PGPX 2007-08

Deputy General Manager, RJ Field Operations, Cairn India Ltd.


"PGPX - A transformative experience! It has given me enough arms and ammunition to lead troops in business arena" –


Sanjoy Bhagat  PGPX 2007-08

Vice President, Electrotherm


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