Placement Process

A New Recruiting Opportunity at IIMA  

Year after year scores of leading national and multinational companies from across the globe have been coming to IIMA for placement. IIMA is the only B-school that many international companies visit in India for campus placement. The very best of companies keep coming is a tribute to the high level of satisfaction they receive from the process of recruiting here and from the subsequent performance of the recruited graduates. The enviable record of the entire batch getting placed year after year, over the past 20 years, also points to the quality of the students admitted and the quality of training they receive. In fact, there have always been more offers than there are students. 

However, the placement so far has been limited largely to students with little or no work experience. With the launch of the one-year PGPX for executives with substantial work experience (minimum age: 28 years on completing PGPX), national and multinational companies can recruit directly for middle and senior management positions too. They will find students from different countries with a wide range of managerial and cultural experiences, very high intellectual caliber, and entrepreneurial spirit – students who have been prepared for leadership roles in growth oriented organizations. 

As national and international rankings of business schools in recent years confirm, IIMA occupies the top slot not only in India but also in the entire Asia Pacific region. The Institute has been rated among the top hundred global business schools selected by EIU, The Economist. Driving this consistently excellent performance are a host of factors including high rigour in selecting students with managerial potential, relevant curricula, a rich collection of distinguished faculty, leading edge research, and a teaching approach that promotes decision-making in an uncertain world. PGPX is designed to not only match but further enhance IIMA's standing as a top business management school. 

PGPX will have two kinds of students – those who are sponsored by companies and those who come on their own. The non-sponsored students will be available for hiring. 

The Institute will be happy to supply any information on the new PGPX that will help companies take advantage of this new pool of talent coming into the placement marketplace. 


The following is information regarding the PGPX Placement Process and related Policies. 

  • Companies are encouraged to visit the campus for the placement process which includes the pre-placement talk and the interviews.
  • Unless explicit permission has been provided by the Placement Committee, participants are restricted from approaching companies directly for individual placements. Companies are requested to interact either through a member of the Placement Committee or the designated Relationship Manager
  • PGPX participants are allowed two confirmed offers through the placement process
  • PGPX students have substantial work experience and have been inducted through a rigorous selection process. We therefore follow a grade and GMAT score non-disclosure policy


Campus Visit Policy   

  • Companies may visit the institute before the scheduled placement days to conduct industry talks and discussions. Following guidelines shall be applicable in this context:
  • Any on-campus activity which is not a part of regular academic curriculum is defined as company-participant interaction. Companies can conduct a maximum of two interactions for PGPX (slot for interaction will be assigned on a first come first served basis)
  • All campus activity must be scheduled in conjunction with the Relationship Manager, PGPX. The pre-placement talk can be scheduled anytime before the placement window. Alternatively, the pre-placement talk can be scheduled prior to the interviews during the placement process

Guest lectures during Confluence (the International Business School festival) or Insight (the National Marketing Fair), and interaction as part of the Forum for Industrial Interaction (FII) do not count as company-participant participation for the purposes of the Placement process 


Placement Fees: 

Placement Charges are applicable for the placement. The Placement Committee reserves the right to amend the rules/guidelines.   
Required Communication with Placement Committee   

    • Recruiters are required to communicate the following details to the PGPX Placement Committee, and Placement Office via email (cc'd to candidate) in order to enable the Committee to streamline the placement process for both recruiter and participant.
    • Indication that an offer with salary details has been made to a candidate
    • Confirmation of Acceptance or Rejection of an offer by a candidate
    • In both the above communications, offer details do not need to be provided to the placement committee
    • Candidates are required to inform the Placement Committee and Placement Office of their acceptance or rejection of an offer. The candidate can choose to have the Placement Committee/ Placement Office forward his/her decision to the recruiter
    • Candidates are responsible for finalizing offer details including, but not limited to, salary, location, perks and title directly with Recruiters
    • Recruiters are welcome to communicate with either their Relationship Manager or the Placement Committee or the Placement Office on any topics beyond those listed above 


Staging Enabled