Chairperson's Message

Welcome to PGPX

Businesses across the world are transforming at a fast pace. In fact, the ancient saying, popularly attributed to the Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, "The only constant is change," is no longer a cliché in the present circumstances. Be it change in work practices, changes to technology, or sometimes changes in light of global disruptions (pandemics, for instance), the businesses have a constant need to reinvent themselves in order to stay relevant. In order to navigate through these changes, businesses need experienced managers, who can adapt to the ever changing situations quite fast. Realizing the need for such dynamic managers and entrepreneurs, the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIMA) has started this One Year Postgraduate Program for Executives, popularly referred to as PGPX. Several batches have successfully completed the program till date, and are making significant contributions as managers, CXOs, thought leaders and entrepreneurs.

Candidates for this program come through a rigorous selection process involving GMAT and a personal interview. Interviews are conducted across India and select international locations. In some cases, we encourage students to appear for interviews through online mode as well. While the average GMAT score is on the upside of 700, the average work experience is over 8 years. Candidates come from a wide variety of industries in their prior work experience, including defence, oil and natural gas, energy, IT and IT services, automobiles, electronics, education, aviation, agriculture, healthcare, finance, government agencies, food processing, etc. This diversity in the class is much needed in order to strengthen peer-to-peer learning. The much needed modern skill of being interdisciplinary in their thought process becomes feasible with such diverse batch. The profile of the batch is comparable with any other business school in the world.

IIMA is renowned globally for its rigor in academics, and PGPX, which is an integral part of the institute is no exception. Students are expected to put in significant effort towards their classes, both before and after the class. The predominant pedagogical tool at IIMA, namely the case method, also provides students avenues to apply their conceptual learnings to real life problems. After all, the motto of IIMA – Vidya Viniyogad Vikasah (development through application of knowledge) – comes alive in the classroom. No wonder, the corporates too have welcomed the previous batches into their organizations in middle to senior management roles. Many students too, have gone on to start their own enterprises very successfully.

As the chairperson of this program, I feel extremely confident that the students will go on to add significant value to the organizations across the spectrum, and make a mark for themselves in the world!

Professor Viswanath Pingali

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