Student Testimonials

Mrs. Shikha Sharma

MD & CEO, Axis Bank
PGP '80

"I owe a large part of whatever I have achieved to IIMA. It did a great job of equipping me with the knowledge and skills required to excel in a finance job, particularly analysis and research. Over the years I have found that these skills have been invaluable throughout my different responsibilities at ICICI. IIMA not only gives to its students an armoury of skills, but also develops in them the assurance of being as good as the best anywhere. That, in the final analysis, is the ultimate confidence booster."

Mr. Pulak Prasad

Founder, Nalanda Capital Pte Ltd.
PGP '92

"I remember IIMA fondly for two things: for giving me a holistic perspective on life and on business, and for exposing me to highly accomplished individuals, many of whom remain dear friends even today. IIMA played a significant role in helping me discard my "tunnel" vision of an engineer, and sparked an enduring interest in the way companies succeed and fail. Investing is my passion today, and while the Institute did not have any courses in early 90s on the subject, it certainly created a great platform for me to build upon."

Mr. M.S. Banga

Senior Partner, Clayton Dubilier & Rice
PGP '77

"In Unilever, I have interacted and worked as apart of several international work groups and teams consisting of men and women from different parts of the world. The experience at IIMA where I worked closely with people from a range of backgrounds, interests and talents prepared me for succeeding in cross-cultural environments throughout my working life. Ilearnt to appreciate diversity in thought and inculcated critical interpersonal skills necessary to overcome management challenges. Promoting overall development, IIMA truly strives to equip students with the skills required to be a global manager."

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