Finals Placement Process SOP


PGP Placement Committee 2021-22


Keeping in mind the current situation, IIMA Finals Recruitment process in February 2021 will be conducted in a virtual mode. This has been decided considering the risks involved in the travel, and the overall safety of the recruiters, students and the IIMA community when the placements happen on campus.

Students will be participating in the process virtually from their preferred locations. Some students have arrived on campus due to connectivity issues at their homes. However, the classes continue to happen virtually due to government guidelines of not conducting in-person classes. On similar lines, the students will be attending the recruitment process from their respective locations – homes or dorm rooms.

The Placement Committee will be managing the whole process from campus. The students have been asked to ensure adequate infrastructure at their end (which is in place as they are currently attending 4-5 hours online classes already). Recruiters are also advised to ensure good connectivity for the panel members at their end as well to make the process a success.



Keeping in mind the features and comfort of large number of recruiters and students, Zoom is chosen as the official platform for conducting the virtual recruitment process. Zoom is also IIMA’s official platform partner for other education and administrative activities and thereby supported by the technical team. IIMA has a strong safety agreement with the central Zoom team and engineering support for the recruitment days.

We will be replicating the cluster-cohort recruitment process exactly as in normal years in the Zoom platform with the help of the breakout rooms feature. Out of multiple platforms available in the market, Zoom has the highest number of features required for the movement of the candidates, offer communication, control of the process by the Placement Committee to facilitate the smooth flow of the process.



  1. The recruiter team's POC will be given (over email) a unique Zoom Meeting Link by the IIMA Placement Committee.
  2. Only company personnel, one Placement Coordinator managing the meeting, and one IIMA student volunteer will be present in the Zoom meeting.
  3. The number of panels for the company will be pre-decided before the process day, and equivalent breakout rooms will be created in the meeting link.
    1 interview panel room = 1 Zoom breakout room.
  4. The "host" control of the Zoom Meeting will be with the Placement Coordinator assigned to the firm for the day, and s/he will be the process day in-charge for all queries by the recruiter.
  5. One student volunteer will be the "co-host" of the meeting. The student volunteer will assist the process and ensure that unnecessary personnel does not enter the meeting.S/he will manage the entry and exit of the students into the main meeting.
  6. Students will be joining the Zoom Meeting link based on their scheduling, and they will be added to the relevant interview panel (Breakout room) by the Placement Coordinator.
  7. Once the student joins the breakout room, the recruiter will undertake the interview process. The result of the interview (offer status) will be officially communicated by the Placement Coordinator in-charge to the student after the interview.
  8. The Placement Coordinator will be in constant coordination with the firm PoC/HR for breakout room allocation, results of the students, and other communications over the main zoom meeting window.



Recruiters are advised to join the virtual recruitment process using their desktops/laptops (preferred) or tablets for better stability. We also request the company personnel to use the Zoom application (installed on the laptops or tablets) for joining the meeting link.

In case the interview panelists have not used Zoom before, we request them to test their system for requirements using this test meeting link:

NOTE: Breakout Room allocation does not work on Zoom web logins, currently. Zoom application installed is a prerequisite for entering breakout rooms and conducting interviews.



  1. IIMA IT and Networks team will assist with the recruiter’s IT compliances and security concerns, if any, for installing the Zoom platform and running the process.
  2. One week before the process, IIMA Placement Committee will help the recruiters to conduct dry runs of the process if the recruiter wishes to do so.


IIMA Placement Committee will be happy to address the recruiter’s queries & clarifications anytime. We are looking forward to having a smooth & efficient recruitment process with the help of your support!

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