Message from the Director

In over five decades since its inception in 1961, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA) has remained committed to the cause of educating and training leaders – managers and entrepreneurs – who contribute meaningfully to society. The institute's guiding principles of excellence and integrity have led IIMA to be widely recognized as a world renowned institution of excellence in management education.

The two year Post-Graduate Program of the institute (PGP) is the institute's flagship program. It has graduated over 8,000 students of exceptional calibre with outstanding leadership abilities. These graduates have distinguished themselves by holding key positions in several of the world's leading organizations, building entrepreneurial enterprises, and transforming organizations to contribute meaningfully to society.

The success of the institute and its graduates lies in its unique practice oriented research and pedagogy. The first year of the program is designed to provide students a broad and firm foundation in management practice. About 110 elective courses in the second year of the program from various disciplines and functional areas of management offer students the opportunity to explore fields and build an educational experience tailored to their strengths and interests. The second year course offerings are constantly renewed to meet changing needs of business and society. The case-based pedagogy encourages students not only to develop analytical skills, but also to take a holistic perspective of situations, with focus on implementability of solutions in real life.
Outside the classroom, students engage in several activities to develop well-rounded personae. The 30 clubs on campus cater to interests as diverse as functional areas like marketing and finance to performing arts like music, dance, theatre, fine arts, and entrepreneurship. These activities include Confluence, which has emerged as the most reputed business event organized by any business school in the country, Chaos has emerged as a prominent cultural event that showcases talent. Insight, IIMA's market fair, has become an attractive platform to assess consumer preferences and behavior. All these events are primarily designed, organized, and implemented by students, a testimony to their leadership skills outside the classroom.

With increasing focus on internationalization, IIMA has developed relationships with major business schools in the world through student and faculty exchange programs. These collaborations and partnerships are being deepened and strengthened.

Through the years, recruiters from the world's leading organizations have consistently reposed immense confidence in the exceptional capabilities of students that pass through these red brick walls. As our graduates seek entry into the professional world, I wish them the very best in work and life.

Prof. Ashish Nanda



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