The Indian Placement Reporting Standards (IPRS) is an effort towards standardizing B-school placement reports. This initiative taken by IIM Ahmedabad and contributions made by the various stakeholders like media, recruiters and other B-schools have resulted in designing a comprehensive Placement Reporting Standard. The standards designed not only assure the privacy of the individual level data or information but also specify the format for reporting aggregate statistics which would satisfy the information needs of the different stakeholders.


The necessity for such an initiative was felt as applicants gather recruitment information using the placement reports and rankings put forward by different B-schools, media and ranking agencies. Individual B-school have different formats of placement reports. The lack of standardization and clarity may lead to the misinterpretation of the data and lead to wrong decision making. Therefore there was a need for such standards to be introduced so as to make the data on the placement reports more comparable and reliable.


The basic objective of introducing the "Indian Placement Reporting Standards" is to bring in uniformity in the manner in which Indian B-schools report salary and non-salary information related to placements. These standards would enable a fair comparison between B-schools on multiple parameters including compensation. This initiative is essentially to ensure that the information put out is comparable. Reliability of data is ensured as the reports undergo a third party audit process.
The information based on these standards would also provide media and ranking agencies with correct data and statistics for them to release the appropriate news and research reports. These standards would help aspiring students in taking career decisions based on correct information.

IPRS Reports

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