Alumni & Faculty

Prof.  Abraham Koshy

The 2-year full-time Post Graduate Program or PGP is IIM Ahmedabad's flagship program and this is recognized as one of the best management programs in its class in the world. This distinction is achieved through some very vital elements of the academic eco-system at IIM Ahmedabad. One, the program admits participants through such a rigorous process that only the most deserving candidates get to study. Second, the course mix, the intensity and depth of course delivery and the highly demanding academic regimen moulds the participants into future-ready people capable of leadership roles in managerial positions. Third, the emphasis given to group work throughout the academic program develops high level of social skills and emotional maturity in the participants to lead and work in teams. And fourth, pedagogy that emphasises practical problem solving skills rooted in managerial realities fine-tunes participants' the decision-making competencies and make them capable of shouldering significant managerial responsibilities. I am happy and proud to say that the PGP participants are undoubtedly a value addition to organizations that are looking for well-trained, competent managerial resource.

Prof.  Arindam Banerjee

Our program is an ideal testing turf for intellectual endurance (distinct from excellence). I think it is commendable that successive batches of PGP students at IIMA have weathered this almost military-like regimen admirably and, have come out mentally tough and battle-ready for the professional combat ahead. I take pride in my role as a "drill instructor" in one of the finest management boot camps in this part of the world.

Prof.  Arvind Sahay

PGP participants at IIM Ahmedabad come from diverse backgrounds and a demanding selection process and they bring a mix of contrasting perspectives. In terms of sheer intellectual horsepower, PGP students are probably among the top 5 percentile of the students that I have taught across the world - at London Business School, University of Texas, College of William and Mary, Indian School of Business etc. The program offers a solid grounding in management and leadership to the participants through its academic rigour and constant focus on a real life perspective using the case based pedagogy. I think that the PGP program offers recruiters an unrivalled talent pool comparable to or better than the best in the world.

Prof.  Biju Varkkey

The PGP program participants of IIM Ahmedabad are well trained in various functional areas of management as well as foundation disciplines. The mixed approach with focus on building analytic skills, problem solving and decision making coupled with emphasis on building leadership competencies, facilitates them to be well rounded. The Batch of 2013-15 comes equipped to face organisational challenges and prepare themselves to be leaders in their chosen fields.

Prof.  Debjit Roy

I strongly believe that our PGP students are well-prepared to analyze and address the unique business challenges that companies are facing today.

Prof.  G Raghuram

The Post Graduate Programme at IIMA is unique in the qualities that it develops among the participants that enable them to function both as intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs. A programme full of rigor, it stretches the participants to discover their full potential for enhanced performance in  a managerial environment. Programme, currently in its' golden jubilee year, constantly rediscovers itself through a process of continuous review. Our participants have always contributed in a value enhancing manner to whatever challenge has been post to them.

Prof.  JR Varma

The Post Graduate Programme in Management is a rigorous academic programme with a strong decision making focus that relates concepts and theories to actual managerial situations.  Continuous innovation and redesign of the curriculum ensures that the programme remains contemporary and reflects the latest developments in the field of management. This has helped make the PGP a truly world class programme.

Prof.  Satish Y Deodhar

"Nobel Prize winning economist, Paul Krugman had said in HBR that those who plan to go into business often major in economics but few believe that what they learn in economics will help them run a business!  At IIMA, for once we have proved an economist wrong!  There is a long history at IIMA to offer economics courses that blend faculty research and business perspective - A blend that has substance and also popular amongst students."

Prof.  Sebastian Morris 

Teaching PGP students has always been a pleasure and continues to be so. There are students who are bright and bold enough to challenge any instructor, question the assumptions of any discipline,  and that has made teaching  exciting for me at the IIMA.

Prof. Vineet Virmani

While Peer Group Pressure may not be a bad description of what PGP is all about, the program is much more than just a training ground for the jungle the corporate world can be (no wonder that at the end of their 1st year PGPs call themselves 'Survivors'). While the 1st year is about learning the ropes, the second year is as much about 'taking it all in' as it is about appreciating the larger picture that defines the world at large. It is both a testimony and a credit to the program that many of today's, and no doubt future, business leaders had, and will have, their graduation ceremony at the Louis Kahn Plaza.

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