The first year's curriculum is compulsory and covers courses in the areas of accounting and finance, behavioural science, communication, economics, information technology, marketing, personnel management and industrial relations, operations management, law, strategy and quantitative methods. At the end of the first year, a student is required to do internship in an organization for a period of eight to ten weeks. The second year courses provide the students with an opportunity to pursue studies in areas of special interest to them along with a few compulsory courses. These compulsory courses provide global and domestic context in the areas of entrepreneurship, environment and sustainability.

The Institute has an exchange programme with over seventy-eight global institutes all over the world. Every year, more than one third of the batch spends a term at these premier management institutes abroad. Similarly, students from the corresponding institutes study one term at IIMA. The Student Exchange Programme enables IIMA students to appreciate diverse cultures and working environments and develop a more holistic vision. It facilitates free flow of ideas and knowledge among academic institutions, brings an international flavor and perspective in to the classrooms and prepares students to work in foreign countries.

The Institute also has an arrangement for Double Degree Programmes with six European Institutes. A student completing a Double Degree Programme receives the diploma/degree from IIMA as well as from the partner Institute.

Profile of Past Students

Students admitted to the PGP in the past have had scholastic achievements in different disciplines such as arts, commerce, science and professional streams such as medicine, engineering and agriculture. Some of the qualities which characterise past students include high levels of initiative and energy, capacity for hard work, strong task orientation, willingness to learn, and a temperament suitable for teamwork. The PGP classes have had a mix of fresh graduates and persons with work experience. Among the recent PGP students, a significant proportion has had full-time paid work experience of more than six months after their graduation before joining the PGP.


Graduates of the PGP will be awarded a degree of "Master of Business Administration (MBA)". 

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