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    The two-year Post Graduate Program in Management, popularly known as PGP,
  • Welcome to IIM-A, Batch of 2017
    Watch a time lapse video of the beautiful campus.
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    The decade following independence in 1947 was witness to a surge of
  • Welcome to IIM-A, Batch of 2017
    Watch a time lapse video of the beautiful campus.

Chairperson's Message

Rigour, a quest for excellence, a place to be, T-Nite, are words that come to mind for anyone familiar with the Postgraduate Programme (PGP) at IIMA that leads to a Master's degree in Business Administration. The PGP has been IIMA's flagship programme for more than fifty-five years and is among the top-ranked programmes in the world for many years. This two-year programme has created business leaders, outstanding managers, and a number of significant entrepreneurs. Though the degree is called MBA, historically its graduates have contributed equally to a wide range of areas beyond conventional business, areas that seek knowledge and expertise in management. Their contributions cover practically all sectors of business and industry, not-for-profit organizations, government and policy, research, and academics.


The programme moulds its participants into rigorous and new ways of thinking to deal with complex real-life problems. It challenges them to achieve levels of excellence that they may not have thought of earlier. Apart from the formal coursework, the programme has a variety of opportunities for hobbies and sports through student clubs and activities.


Incoming participants join a cohort having people with diverse backgrounds - fresh graduates in a variety of disciplines, people with work experience in varied sectors like Finance, Consulting, IT/ITeS, FMCG/Retail, Engineering, PSUs, etc., a gender mix, and a wide range of professional and extra-curricular interests. In the first year of the programme, a set of compulsory courses create a solid foundation for all participants across all functional areas of management. In the second year, participants craft their own specializations by choosing courses from a wide range of electives that can be taken in any combination. Many participants choose to develop their expertise in general management (across functional areas) that IIMA has long been known for. It is equally common for others to specialize in specific areas of management like marketing, finance, strategy, consulting, operations, HR, etc. The second year also offers a one-term exchange programme with more than eighty management schools worldwide, and a dual degree programme with a few selected schools. Exchange offers great opportunities for a diversity of academic, social, and cultural experiences for participants going abroad as well as those staying on campus.


Overall, in the programme, you will find a wide range of interesting courses and activities, taught and facilitated by outstanding faculty members, many of whom are as familiar with the world of the practitioner as they are with the world of academics and research.


If you are a prospective applicant, I invite you to the challenge of PGP at IIMA. If you are an incoming student, congratulations for your achievement! In terms of sheer numbers, this is probably the toughest programme in the world to get into. If you are currently a student at IIMA, you have already started understanding what PGP at IIMA is about. Either way, be prepared for a life-changing experience!

Prof. Pradyumana Khokle


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