The programme curriculum has a solid managerial foundation, a focus on food and agribusiness marketplace, and is designed to build and enhance a global perspective among participants. The course comprises three components: the core management courses, compulsory food and agribusiness related courses and electives courses. The core programme consists of 34 core management courses encompassing 23.3 credits in the first year and is common with the PGP to enhance learning due to multiple perspectives and competitiveness. The first year is spread over three terms, each of which is often to twelve weeks’ duration. The compulsory package in the programme is designed to:

  • provide basic conceptual and analytical knowledge and inculcate attitudes and skills necessary for managerial effectiveness in different functional areas of agri-business management.
  • develop an integrated view of organizational and managerial functioning and an understanding of the interdependencies of subsystems; and
  • create awareness and understanding of environmental forces impinging on managerial behaviour.

Following the first year programme, students undergo Rural Immersion in two phases for a period of about four weeks and summer internship for a period of eight weeks with the institute’s corporate partners, which provide students field and organizational experience.

The second year of the programme consists of compulsory as well as elective courses and is designed to impart specialized multi-functional knowledge and skills required by food and agri-business sector managers for excellence in planning, decision-making, organization and implementation in different sub-sectors and activities in the sector including agriculture, food, and agribusiness, rural and allied sectors. The elective courses allow students to exercise complete freedom in the selection of courses and help the students in developing an integrated understanding and approach on agri-business management issues and problems. In the second year, students can do project course that involves research in the practice of management in particular organizations or sectors. The project course helps students in gaining first-hand experience in current management practices and philosophy.

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