ePost Graduate Diploma in Advanced Business Analytics (ePGD-ABA)

PGP in Advanced Business Analytics

Data driven decision making is revolutionizing the functioning of every organization and society, by pushing the frontiers of efficiency and timeliness of decision making. With the deluge of digital data, Data driven decision making has now been an integral part of the efficient functioning of every organization, and more generally of society at large. The ePGD-ABA is a 16 months diploma programme to be offered by IIMA. It is designed to help working professionals to acquire essential skills and knowledge for asking the right questions, addressing it with analysis of the right kind of data, and finally drive the decisions with the insights gained from the analysis to drive decisions. The programme thus provides a framework for transforming data into insights that are coupled into an effective business decision making process. In a nutshell, the programme will focus on building a blended expertise in data "literacy", data processing and business acumen. We strongly believe that this unique blended competency is the requirement in the Analytics profession today.

The programme offers a carefully thought out mix of courses on tools and techniques for data visualization, modelling and analysis of varieties of data of different sizes; machine learning algorithms, cloud computing, and finally, the domain specific applications of data analytics in marketing, HR, Finance, Operations and Public Policy and, skills required to package analysis output into business implications that can support decision making. No formal college level technical or statistical expertise is required except a strong desire to learn how to use data for making an impact on your organization. The programme is targeted towards the working professional with at least two years of experience preferably in the domain of analytics. The objective is to up skill and prepare them for future in taking up leadership positions and shouldering bigger responsibilities in the organization. The programme delivery is through a thoughtful mix of online, and on-campus sessions.  

There is no better place to learn state-of-the-art applications of analytics in all functional domains of business and public policy than IIMA. The unique strength of the institute lies in its having an excellent resource of outstanding faculty members who are heavily engaged in cutting edge research and consulting in the domain of analytics. The programme also draws upon the strengths of industry experts and the extensive alumni network.


Chairperson's Message

Business analytics has been turning out to be one of the core competencies for the organizations to compete in the 21st century. The deluge of data that we see today can be used as powerful drivers for effective decision making. However, most organizations are still struggling to leverage it as there is a serious shortage of skilled personnel in the domain of data analytics. IIMA has decided to launch a post graduate diploma programme in advanced business analytics (ePGD-ABA) starting from March 2020. It is a blended learning programme having both online and on campus sessions. The objective of the programme is to up skill, and enhance the knowledge of the professionals preferably working in the domain of analytics, and to prepare them for taking up complex data driven decision making tasks in future. IIMA believes in delivering high quality programmes, with emphasis on experiential learning and this programme is no exception. Besides explaining the theoretical underpinnings of the tools and techniques, emphasis will be given on the hands on learning using a variety of data sets from various domains of applications. Finally, you will be exposed to domain specific application of analytics in two chosen domains from different business vertical and public Policy. Welcome to a life-changing and transformative experiential learning at IIMA.

Prof. Tathagata Bandyopadhyay (Chairperson, ePGD-ABA)
Prof. Tathagata Bandyopadhyay (Chairperson, ePGD-ABA)



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