Academic Associate

To support the faculty in their varied academic activities, the Institute recruits Academic Associates. A post-graduate with first class and with three years experience either in academics or industry, or an M. Phil [or higher] is qualified to apply. Applicants with two years experience or fresh Ph.Ds with or without experience may also apply for this position. Candidates with outstanding academic achievements; but without experience may also be considered for this position. 
It is expected that an Academic Associate spends about five years in the Institute and pick up necessary skills and understanding of their area of specialization and leave the Institute to take up higher academic positions in other academic Institutions in India or abroad.

A consolidated remuneration ranging from INR 31,000/- to INR 42,000/- depending on the qualification, experience and maturity is proposed by the selection committee at the time of the selection meetings and approved by the Dean. Positions are contractual. The Academic Associates are also encouraged to do research and the Institute facilitates the AA's participation/ attendance of national conferences etc. at least once in a year.

Advertisements for such vacancies are posted on the Institute's notice boards, circulated on the mail and posted on these pages of the Institute's official website. 

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