Statutory Information Under RTI, 2005

1. Introduction (Basic Information under RTI Act, 2005)

2. Particulars of Organization, Functions and Duties 

   (a) Establishment 
   (b) Main activities/functions of the Institute 
   (c) Services being provided by the Institute 
   (d) Organisational Structure  
   (e) Address of the Institute 
   (f)  Institute working hours 
   (g) Public Holidays

3. Powers and Duties of Officers and Employees

4. Rules, regulations and instructions used 

5. Mode of Public Participation

6. Official documents and their availability

7. Board,  Sub-committees  and other bodies

   (a) Board of Governors 
   (b) Sub-Committees 

8. Public Information Officer & First Appellate Authority

9.  Procedure  followed in decision-making process

10. Faculty and Officers List with Contact Nos.

11. Pay Structure of Institute Staff

12. The Budget Allocated

13. Available Scholarship

14. Concessions availed by the Institute

15. Norms/Standards

16. Information available in Electronic Form

17. Means, methods and facilities available to citizens for obtaining information

     Grievance Policy for permanent non-faculty employees of IIMA 

18. Other Useful Information 

19.  Annual Report :


20. FCRA Disclosure :



21. Faculty Recruitment Procedure

Staging Enabled