Vikram Sarabhai Library

The Vikram Sarabhai Library, considered as one of the best management libraries in the country, is committed to providing access to its resources for students, researchers and faculty. It has over the years built a robust collection of over 2 lakh books in addition to Journals & Newspapers, Databases, Working Papers, Thesis, Project Reports, CDs and Videos.

The strength of the library is its digital collection that can be accessed campus-wide through its website . The website links its in-house catalogue in addition to the 74 databases that provide scholarly, company and industry information.


The library has been publishing two quarterly information bulletins since 1998.
`Current Contents in Management: Marketing
` Current Index of Management: Marketing

It has started NICMAN (National Information Centre for Management) Membership in order to help/facilitate business/management related researchers in their
research. Recently it has also started documenting research in marketing in the context of emerging economies.

In addition to the above listed resources IIMA also provides scholarly resources which include several E-journal Databases, Back Files of E-journals, E- Books, Legal and othe databases, specialized search softwares etc..


The library subscribes to a number of company and industry databases, bibliographic databases and E-journals to provide latest scholarly information to the users.

Computing Facilities

IIMA has a very extensive campus-wide network comprising high end servers, computersin faculty offices, class- rooms, library, and standalone computer labs. All rooms in student dormitories are networked with the Institute's servers. IIMA requires every student to have a personal computer with a specified configuration. Campus-wide computer facilities also include Apple iMac computers, scanners, and printers. The network supports advanced research and teaching software.

Conferences and Field Research Support

The Institute provides competitive opportunities to present research papers at national and international conferences and spend a term or more for field work at collaborating universities within the country and outside. Research grants are also provided on a competitive basisforsummer projects. Doctoral students receive an annual contingency grant to fund research related expenses.

Staging Enabled