Chairperson's Message

Introduced in 1971, Ph.D. Programme in Management (erstwhile the Fellow Programme in Management, FPM) is one of the earliest doctoral programmes of Management Science in India. It remains the preferred choice for students aspiring to pursue a career in Management at institutions of higher learning such as business schools/universities as well as in consulting firms, think tanks and leading corporates in India and abroad. So far, 378 students have successfully completed the programme.

Over the period of time, Ph.D. Programme has evolved gradually from its purpose of ‘knowledge dissemination' to ‘knowledge creation'. This shift in emphasis has, thus, created an ecosystem of advanced research and publications. Ph.D. scholars investigate a wide range of highly specialised topics in the overall gamut of management disciplines like marketing, finance, economics, public policy, business policy, human resources, and organizations. Our Ph.D. students come from diverse backgrounds, including engineering, economics, psychology, public policy, management, and social sciences, and from all stages of life. Some begin immediately after their undergraduate studies, while others pursue their doctoral ambitions after a decade or more of professional experience. The first two years of rigorous coursework provide the requisite theoretical foundation and in-depth understanding of the respective areas of specialization. Successful completion of the course work makes students eligible to pursue their dissertation.  The Ph.D. students have to demonstrate their independent research thinking through publications in top class academic journals and make scholarly presentations of their work. Their contributions extend not only to business practices, but also to public policy and governance.

We provide a thriving intellectual environment for our doctoral students. The faculty at IIMA brings tremendous research strength and a wide variety of industry and government experience across diverse sectoral and functional domains. The institute encourages cross-sectoral and cross-functional research. Research collaboration with faculty abroad is also supported and encouraged. We provide excellent research facilities including a state-of-the-art library on management literature, journals and databases, data labs with high computing facility, subject specific research centers, housing on campus, a decent fellowship, and additional financial support for research and conference attendance.

We invite you to consider our Ph.D. Programme and would be happy to discuss your academic interests, if you have the inclination and commitment to undertake rigorous training of the frontiers of management and subsequently pursue an academic or a corporate career with a focus on research.


Goutam Dutta
Chairperson, Ph.D. Programme in Management


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