Ph.D. Programme in Management at IIMA consists of 11 different areas of high levels of specializationof Management. It prepares students to pursue a career, which requires high scholastic aptitude and academic research. The programme is primarily designed to help students seek research careers in academia or elsewhere.
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The average completion time is between four to five years.
No. However, a student may seek employment at the end of four and a half years with the concurrence of his / her thesis advisory committee and Ph.D. Programme Chair.
Ph.D. programme looks for highly motivated students interested in pursuing research careers in high levels of specialization requiring high scholastic aptitude. Typical students have varied backgrounds. Please follow the link to know about backgrounds of current students.
The Programme looks for highly motivated and disciplined candidates with strong academic preparation who exhibit curiosity, desire to learn, and have an inclination towards high levels of specialized research.
IIMA provides sufficient fellowship (including fees, boarding, lodging and stipend) for five years to doctoral students. Please refer later section for details.
Not really. From the first year itself the student takes Ph.D. level courses alongwith some PGP courses  as recommended by his/her Academic Adviser. Hence, a student coming from non-management background is equally placed with those having a management background. Please check the area pages in the Ph.D. Prgramme in Management Brochure for specific requirements. For example, P&QM area encourages students who have a quantitative training from various disciplines to apply for their programme. Similarly, students with a background in Psychology may find the work done in the Organizational Behaviour useful.
Application form can be filled-in online. Application fee of Rs. 500/- can be paid through IIMA payment gateway. Candidates have to attach copies of academic certificates/testimonials and qualifying examination score card along with the application. The qualifying exams are: Scores on standardized tests ( CAT / GATE / UGC JRF / GMAT / GRE / ICAR-SRF)
Last Date for Ph.D. Programme Application: January 21, 2021 Interview dates- March/April, 2021 Joining dates – May 2021
The purpose of the interview is to gauge the academic preparation of the candidate for her/his chosen high level of specialized area in the programme. It also gives the candidate an opportunity to find out if the programme meets the requirements of the student. The student is not expected to have prepared any research proposal. In addition to interview, some of the Areas may conduct written test.
Yes, the programme accepts international students. The eligibility requirements are the same as for domestic students. Please write to us specifically for details on the admission process and fees.
The selection process is very rigorous and involves four levels of screening and interviews. The number of seats are not fixed for the programme and depend upon the calibre of the applicant who goes through a fair and rigorous selection process.
{Do you have an option of doing high level of specialized inter-disciplinary research? }
Yes. You could specify this at the time of application. However, you will be housed in one area of specialization. You could take courses on highly specialized areas of study from a variety of areas and choose your thesis topic that cuts across disciplines.
The institute expects high levels of specialized academic rigour and integrity. It has stringent requirements at specified stages of the programme, and there are fair and open processes to check that each student passes these at every stage of the programme. The candidates who are unable to meet these requirements are asked to leave the programme without any prejudice. The process of natural justice is followed in each such case.
The key stages are 1. First year coursework (Ph.D. Programme Compulsory courses, Area Ph.D. Courses and some recommended PGP course/s), 2. Second year coursework in area of high levels of specialization, 3. Area comprehensive examination, 4. Thesis Proposal defense, 5. Thesis seminar, and 6. Thesis defense
IIMA Ph.D. programme offers a mix of flexibility and rigidity to the students. Students are allowed to change their chosen area of specialized work during the first year at IIMA, if they fulfil specified criteria. Specific deadlines for doing so are provided in the Ph.D. Programme Manual. IIMA offers high degree of flexibility in choosing areas of research. However a student is required to complete his/her area comprehensive exam by beginning of third year and thesis proposal defense within 9 months of the completion of area comprehensive examination. Details are available in the Ph.D. Programme manual.
A research topic requires interest and motivation of student and availability of a suitable guide interested in the area of high level of specialization. Each Ph.D. student forms a Thesis Advisory Committee with whom the student has to work towards her/his thesis.
IIMA offers full support for attending up to 4 domestic conferences during the course of the programme. Competitive Travel Grants are available for attending international conferences as per the prevailing policy.
Jobs depend on a student's competence and high level of specialization achieved during the programme. There are recruiters coming to the campus, faculty advisors provide references, and also through other informal/formal channels.
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