Chairperson's Message

Management teachers play a crucial role in training competent future managers in business and non-business organizations.  To be effective, it is critical for management teachers to have (i) an in-depth knowledge of general management principles (ii) a practical understanding of necessary pedagogical techniques and research skills and (iii) awareness about latest research and industrial developments in their specialized area. 

The Faculty Development Programme (FDP) at IIMA endeavors to contribute to the professional development of management teachers currently working in management institutions and business schools across India as well as abroad. We welcome enthusiastic management teachers who want to make a difference in management education to participate in the programme. The FDP is a rigorous 4-month residential programme that provides training on core general management principles, pedagogical techniques (including case method), cutting-edge research methods and latest developments in specialized areas. The programme will enable the participants to effectively use various pedagogical tools in their respective classrooms, and develop their own cases and other teaching/research materials. It offers opportunities to acquire in-depth knowledge as well as hone knowledge dissemination skills.

In the programme, we use a mix of various learning settings such as classrooms, workshops and seminars. We largely follow a participatory approach to learning. Though there is a clear emphasis on the case method of teaching and learning, other educational approaches such as lectures, small group exercises, simulations, management games, and presentations are also widely used. Multimedia tools, computer based applications, advances statistical packages, and also industry visits; all complement these teaching and learning approaches. Participants will also get exposure of course design, curriculum planning and administration of academic activities.

The FDP demands a high level of individual and group effort from participants to draw maximum learning benefit.  Usually, the participants take away more than just class-room related experiences as they enjoy the pristine greenery and inspiring environment of the IIMA campus, access to the vast library resources, and interact with enthusiastic students and faculty from diverse backgrounds.  We make a conscious effort to stay in touch with our alumni and have gladly welcomed them to visit us and share with us their experiences. I am happy to note that many of our alumni have described FDP as a life-changing experience. We will continue to strive to make FDP a rewarding experience for management educators. 

Karthik Sriram
Chairperson, FDP

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