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Prof. Vidya Vemireddy

Centre for Management in Agriculture

Educational Qualifications

PhD, Applied Economics and Management, Cornell University.


M.A. Economics, Boston University.


B.A.(Hons.) Economics, Lady Shri Ram College for Women (University of Delhi)


Professional Affiliations & Service

  • American Economic Association (Member)
  • American Agricultural Economic Association (Member)



Courses for MBA students


1. Agricultural Finance:

This course is a compulsory course offered to the final year MBA graduates in IIMA’s flagship Food and Agribusiness Management Program. This course seeks to develop an understanding of the agricultural finance environment, the major institutions involved, and the strategic financing issues. Besides introducing the agricultural finance environment, students get exposed to various new innovations in financial instruments and agribusiness valuation. Topics of risk management are also included within this course specifically designed for the agricultural context in India.


2. Food Systems Approach to Indian Agribusinesses:

This course is an elective offered to final year MBA graduates at IIMA. Given the issues related to malnutrition that plague India, connecting agriculture and nutrition is critical. This course introduces students to this framework and presents various existing and potential agribusiness opportunities. This course intends to develop systems thinking among students of agribusiness.


Courses for PhD students


1. Applied Microeconomics for Food and Agribusiness:

The course focuses on advanced microeconomic theory and applications within the domain of food and agriculture. It aims to develop the understanding of the core concepts in consumer and producer theory and applications. Topics such as estimating demand and production function, welfare analysis, interdisciplinary applications etc. are discussed through a mix of lectures, empirical exercises and presentations. Students are exposed to current topics in the literature and equipped with tools to analyse (experimental, quasi-experimental, panel data methods etc.) complex empirical problems across different contexts. This course is an advanced level course and designed for students from second year onward with a background in microeconomics and econometrics.


2. Agricultural Management

The objective of this course is to introduce advanced concepts of consumer behavior, demand, supply, economic systems, water and input management, agricultural marketing, risk analysis, development and institutional economics.

Area of Research

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Fields of Expertise

  • Agricultural Economics, Gender, Food and Nutrition Policy
  • Applied Microeconomics, International Development
  • Fieldwork Methods





Research Work in Progress

  • Labor-saving technologies for women in agriculture: a review
  • Risk estimates through time use data: an analysis using panel data
  • Is There a Trade-Off between Women’s Time in Peak Season Agricultural Activities and Nutrition? Evidence from Rural India (submitted)
  • Does an increase in women’s empowerment in agriculture lead to better nutritional outcomes? (Soumya Gupta and Prabhu L. Pingali) (draft available on request)
  • Gendered analysis of time allocation, work effort and nutritional outcomes – evidence across seasons from rural India. (draft available on request)
  • Getting the measurement right! Quantifying time poverty and multitasking from childcare among mothers with children across different age groups (With Laili Irani) (Submitted)
  • Recipe based conceptualization for diets in India- Measurement and trends (draft available on request)




Awards & Honors

Year Awards & Honors
June 2014 - May 2019 Tata Cornell Institute for Agriculture and Nutrition.
Nov 2016 - Feb 2018 PhD dissertation field research, Tata-Cornell Institute for Agriculture and Nutrition, Cornell University.
April 2016 Next generation delegate, The Chicago Council on Global Affairs.



  • Facilitating Access to Financial Services: Understanding Barriers to Mobile Phone Usage among Rural Women
  • Mechanization and labour saving technologies for women in agriculture


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