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Prof. Vasant P Gandhi

Center For Management in Agriculture

Educational Qualifications

  • PGP 76-78 IIMA Gold Medalist. Ph.D. (Stanford)

Academic Affiliation

  • Visiting Professor at the University of Sydney - Asian Agribusiness Research Centre.
  • Has taught at the Munich Centre for Advanced Training in Applied Statistics, Germany, and at ICRISAT's Centre in Zimbabwe

Professional Affiliation

  • Was consultant and researcher with the World Bank, and Research Fellow with the International Food Policy Research Institute, Washington. 
  • Extensive rural work experience in management and development with various organizations. Has been consultant to numerous organizations including the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO), the World Bank, Government of Gujarat, Government of Madhya Pradesh, and several private companies including McKinsey & Company and ITC-Zeneca.




Area of Research:

  • Research on economic issues of food and agriculture policies, input use and investment in agriculture.


Current Research:

  • Has conducted extensive research, national and international, on various issues including agribusiness, agro-industry, marketing of agricultural inputs and food, economic and technical policies in food and agriculture, input use, and investment behaviour in agriculture.



  • Has published and presented extensively, both nationally and internationally. Current interest in management of agro-industries and marketing of agricultural inputs.



Awards & Honors

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