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Prof. T T Ram Mohan

Finance and Accounting


Educational Qualifications

  • B. Tech. (IIT-Bombay)
  • PGDM (IIM Calcutta)
  • Ph.D. (Stern School of Business, New York University)

Academic Affiliation

  • Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (October 1998-present)

    Professor, Finance &Economics

    • Chairperson, Finance and Accounting area, 2002-04

    • Taught courses in macroeconomics, corporate finance, financial markets, banking and privatization

    •  Conducted executive training programmes for several firms in the financial sector

    •  Carried out consulting assignments for government and private bodies

  • Stern School of Business, New York University (May-August 2001)

    Visiting Faculty, Economics department

Professional Affiliation

Birla Marlin Securities, Bombay (August 1995-December 1996)
Head of Research
Headed team of analysts carrying out equity and fixed income research
Bear Stearns, Hong Kong (May 1994-July 1995)
Vice President, Equity Research
Carried out research on Indian companies with focus on financial sector
Advised on investment banking mandates
Standard Chartered Bank, Bombay (April 1993-February 1994)
Head of Strategic Development
Member, India Advisory  Board and Management Committee
Formulated long-term strategy for bank in the Indian market
Tata Economic Consultancy Services, Bombay (1982-84, 1989-93)
Divisional Manager and Chief, Economics Division
Carried out policy studies, including assignments for the government of India and government of Maharashtra
Advised domestic and foreign companies on investment in the Indian market
Extensive consulting experience in the Gulf and the Middle East
Financial Times International Reports (1986-94)
Contributing Editor (South Asia)
India Abroad (New York)(1986-94)
Economics Writer
The Economic Times(1988-89)
New York Correspondent
Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India (ICICI) (1981-82)
Officer, Projects
Appraised technical and financial feasibility of projects, including those financed by the World Bank/IFC
1. Royal Manor Hotels & Industries Ltd.(2003-05)
2. Marwar Hotels Ltd. (2003-05)
3. International Asset Reconstruction Company Ltd (2003-07)
4. Paterson Securities Pvt. Ltd.(2009-16)
5. SBI Pension Funds Pvt. Ltd. (2007-14)
6. GNFC Ltd. (2005-14)
7. IndusInd Bank Ltd. (2006-14)
1. SBICAPS Securities (2014-present)
2. Rural Electrification Corporation Ltd (2015-present)
3. IndusInd Bank (July 2016-present)
1. Member, HR Advisory Board, Indian Overseas Bank
2. Member, Governing Council, National Institute of Bank Management
3. Member, Academic Advisory Council, RBI Training Academy
Technical Advisory Committee on Money and Government Securities Markets, Reserve Bank of India, 2002-03, 2008- 2011
Standing Advisory Group, Database on Indian Economy, Reserve Bank of India, 2004-2006
Committee on assessment of Financial Sector Stability and Performance, RBI, 2007-08
Working Group on Benchmark Prime Lending Rate, RBI, 2008-09
Working Group on Pricing of Credit, RBI, 2012- 13
Primary Market Advisory Committee, SEBI
Committee to review NPAs in power financing Companies, Ministry of Power, Government of India, 2016




Area of Research:

  • Prof. Ram Mohan specialises in the financial sector. He has run training programmes for bank executives and given talks on issues in the Indian banking sector at various fora.

Current Research:

  • Banking sector reforms
  • Privatisation
  • Corporate governance

Publications/ Articles/ Cases



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  • Wrote a fortnightly column for The Economic Times for 16 years.
  • Also contributed to the Asian Wall Street Journal, The Hindu, The Wire, Quartz and other publications.



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