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Sobheshkumar Agarwalla

Finance and Accounting

Educational Qualifications

  • Fellow (IIMA)
  • FCA
  • ACS
  • ACMA

Academic Affiliation

  • Associate Professor, Finance and Accounting Area, IIM Ahmedabad

Professional Affiliation

  • Fellow, Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad
  • Fellow Member, Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
  • Associate Member, Institute of Company Secretaries of India
  • Associate Member, Institute of Costs Accountants of India




Area of Research


Current Research


Publications/ Articles/ Cases:

  1. "Financial literacy among working young in urban India". World Development, 2015, Vol. 67, 101-109. (With Samir K. Barua, Joshy Jacob and Jayanth R. Varma)
  2. "Impact of introduction of call auction on price-discovery: Evidence from Indian stock market using high-frequency data". International Review of Financial Analysis, 2015, Forthcoming. (With Joshy Jacob and Ajay Pandey)
  3. "Expiration-Day Effects and the Impact of Short Trading Breaks on Intraday Volatility: Evidence from the Indian Market". The Journal of Futures Market, 2013, Vol. No. 33(11), 1046 - 1070 (With Ajay Pandey)
  4. "Mandatory IPO grading: Does it help pricing efficiency?" Vikalpa, Forthcoming.
  5. "Under-pricing of Initial Public Offerings: An Empirical Analysis of Indian IPO Market", International Journal of Strategic Management, Vol. 8(1), 2008.
  6. "Effectiveness of financial literacy interventions in improving financial literacy among rural women in North India". Research Report, IIM Ahmedabad Publication. (With Samir K. Barua, Joshy Jacob and Jayanth R. Varma)
  7. "A Survey of Financial Literacy among Students, Young Employees and the Retired in India". Research Report, IIM Ahmedabad Publication. (With Samir K. Barua, Joshy Jacob and Jayanth R. Varma)

Conferences Presentations:

  1. "Impact of Introduction of Call Auction on Price-Discovery: Evidence from Indian Stock Market using High-Frequency Data" (With Joshy Jacob and Ajay Pandey) 9th Annual Conference of Asia-Pacific Association of Derivatives (APAD), Busan, Korea (August, 2013) Eastern Finance Association, Florida (April 2013)
  2. "Mandatory IPO Grading: Does It Help Pricing Efficiency?(With Joshy Jacob) Eastern Finance Association, Florida (April 2013) India Finance Conference, IIM Calcutta (December, 2012)
  3. "Whether Cross-Listing, Stock-specific and Market-wide Calendar Events impact Intraday Volatility Dynamics? Evidence from the Indian Stock Market using High-frequency Data".  FEG-JFM Symposium on the Financial Econometrics of Derivative Securities and Markets at Deakin University, Australia (January, 2013)
  4. "Empirical analysis of post-listing performance of Initial Public Offerings" International Academy of Business and Economy conference at Stockholm, Sweden (June, 2008)
  5. "Intraday Activity Patterns and Market Microstructure Effects: An Empirical Investigation of Indian Capital Market Using High Frequency Data" (Thesis Proposal) Doctoral Colloquium, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (January, 2008)
  6. "Structuring the Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation of India Limited – A Lost Opportunity" (With G. Raghuram) WCTR, 2013 conference, Rio  de Janeiro, Brazil (July, 2013)



  • Lupin Foray into Japan – Case (with Joshy Jacob and Prem Chander)
  • Lupin Foray into Japan – Teaching Note (with Joshy Jacob)
  • ICICI Bank - FPO – Case (with Joshy Jacob and Jayanth R. Varma)
  • ICICI Bank - FPO – (Draft) Teaching Note (with Joshy Jacob and Jayanth R. Varma)
  • NTPC – FPO: Case (with Samir K. Barua)
  • NTPC – FPO:  Teaching Note (with Samir K. Barua)
  • NMDC Ltd. – FPO: Case (with Premchander)
  • NMDC Ltd. – FPO: Teaching Note  (with Premchander)


Brief Cases/Exercises:

  • Parag Sarees Private Limted 
  • Ganguly International Limited
  • DRL Limited




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