Recent Faculty Publications

  • Sharma, Rajeev. Not Just Grades: Schools That Educate Differently - Penguin Portfolio 2018.
  • Tumbe, Chinmay. India Moving: a history of migration - Penguin Viking 2018.
  • Mathur, Ajeet. Strategies for Future: Understanding International Business - Random Business 2016.
  • Y. Deodhar, Satish Why I Am Paying More: Price Theory and Market Structures Made Simple - Random House India 2016.
  • Rao, T V. Managers Who Make a Difference, Random House India 2016.
  • Manikutty, S. Being Ethical: Ethics As the Foundation of Business - Penguin Random House India Pvt. Ltd. 2016.
  • Agarwal, Anurag K. Business and Intellectual Property: Protect your Ideas - Penguin Random House India Pvt. Ltd. 2016.
  • Ghosh, Atanu. Strategies for Growth: Help Your Business Move Up the Ladder - Penguin Random House India Pvt. Ltd. 2016.
  • Balasubramanian, N. Leading from the Top: Directors Who Makes the Difference - Random House India 2016.
  • Mathur, Ajeet. Mysteries in Management - Penguin Random House India 2016.
  • Business Today (June 19, 2016) has listed Prof. Satish Deodhar's book, Day to Day Economics, as a current bestseller.
  • Laha, Arnab. How to make the right decision - Random Business 2015.
  • Sharma, Meenakshi. Speak With impact, IIMA Business Book Series, Random House, 2014.
  • Chandrasekaran, N. and Raghuram, G.  Agribusiness Supply Chain Management, CRC Press (Taylor and Francis Group), 2014.
  • Kaul, Asha and Desai, Avani. Corporate Reputation Decoded: Building, Managing and Strategising for Corporates Excellence, Sage, 2014.
  • Hutt, Michael D., Sharma, Dheeraj, and Speh, Thomas W.   B to B Marketing  (11th edition), Southwestern, 2014.
  • Datta, Samar K., Pal, Debdatta, Ghosh, Anirban, Naskar, Souvik, and Layek, Tapas.  Assessing Policy Interventions in Agri-Business and Allied Sector Credit versus Credit Plus Approach for Livelihood Promotion, Allied Publishers, 2013.
  • Charyulu, D. Kumara and Prahadeeswaran, M.  Agricultural Market Integration and Trade Competitiveness of Indian Agriculture, Allied Publishers, 2013.
  • Ram Mohan, T. T. Before and After the Global Crisis, Gyan Publications, 2013.
  • Ramani, K. V.  Hospital Management: Text and cases, Pearson Education, 2013.
  • Robbins, S. P., Judge, T. A., and Vohra, N.  Organizational Behavior (15th Edition), Pearson Education, 2013.
  • Pathak, Akhileshwar. Legal Aspects of Business (5th Edition), Tata McGraw-Hill, 2013.
  • Pathak, Akhileshwar. Law of Sale of Goods, Oxford University Press, 2013.
  • Monippally, M. M.  Business Communication: From Principles to Practice, McGraw-Hill Higher Education, 2013.
  • Banerjee, Arindam.  Management Essentials: A Recipe for Business Success, Sage, 2013.
  • Balasubramanian, N.  Leading from the Top: Directors Who Make the Difference, IIMA Business Book Series, Random House, 2013.
  • Deodhar, S. Why I am Paying More: Price Theory and Market Structures Made Simple, IIMA Business Book Series, Random House, 2013.
  • Monipally, M M. The Persuasive Manager: Communication Strategies for 21st Century Managers - Random House India 2010.

  • Roy, Debjit Srinivas, N. R. and Raghavan, A constrained Nash bargaining approach to the stock rationing problem in multi-echelon supply chains, International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology online (March 2014).
  • Ranganathan, Kavitha and Arora, Sonia, Enabling grassroots communication: A memory-aided broadcast mechanism for a community radio service on ad hoc device-to-device mobile network, IEEE Transactions on Communication online (March 2014).
  • D'Cruz, Premilla, Noronha, Ernesto and Beale, David, The workplace bullying-organizational change interface: emerging challenges for human resource management, The International Journal of Human Resource Management online (January 2014).
  • Gupta, Vishal and Singh, Shailendra, Psychological capital as a mediator of the relationship between leadership and creative performance behaviours: empirical evidence from the Indian R&D sector. The International Journal of Human Resource Management online (January 2014).
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