ePost Graduate Programme

ePost Graduate Programme (ePGP*) in Management is a two-year post-graduate diploma programme (with added flexibility of completion in 3 years) offered in collaboration with Hughes Global Education, a pioneer in Interactive Onsite Learning(IOL). ePGP at IIM Ahmedabad is an option for working professionals and entrepreneurs to enrich their skills and knowledge which will help to take their career to the next level.

This programme is imparted through more than 600 classroom sessions, provides the participants with skills for the knowledge economy through an innovative curriculum, delivered using combination of class room modules and state of art interactive technology.

In the first year, the participants undergo a set of core courses which are designed around functional areas and foundational scheme of management like Marketing, Finance Strategy, Operations Management, Human Resource Management and IT Management, as well as cross-functional areas.

The programme curriculum focuses on equipping the participants with

  • Managerial decision-making abilities
  • Leadership capabilities and collaborative working
  • An understanding of the functional areas of management
  • An understanding of the economic and regulatory trends
  • Varied analytical tools and techniques
  • General management orientation


In the second year, students will be offered a bouquet of elective courses. The choice of elective will help participants deepen as well as broaden their understanding in different functional areas of management. Placement support will not be provided.

'e' stands for Electronic mode (Interactive Onsite Learning)


The teaching approach will be highly interactive using the technological capabilities of the delivery channels. The pedagogy will be a blend of lectures, case studies, online lectures, projects, peer to peer learning, self- learning and simulations. Mentoring by faculty and limited access to learning resources of IIMA will also be made available. HGEIL will ensure uninterrupted technical support in conducting online classes, attendance, quizzes, etc.


How will the programme be conducted

In association with Hughes Global Education, ePGP is offered through a satellite technology-enabled interactive class room located in your city. Three campus modules of one week each in the IIMA Campus is also included in the programme design.


Hughes Classroom

Hughes Global Education is a premier interactive onsite learning through satellite based education and training service initiated by Hughes, for corporate and working professionals/ students. It has live, interactive, real-time, two-way video, voice and data classes, and spread across 85+ classrooms in 50+cities/ towns. Hughes Global Education platform has redefined the next generation of education i.e. real-time Interactive Onsite Learning (IOL). First of its kind in the country, started in 2001, this platform seamlessly integrates the strengths of the traditional method of education --classroom teaching -- with the latest in technology.

For the list of Hughes classrooms in your city, please visit


USP of the programme

  • Rigorous blended learning management programme offered by the top B-School of India.
  • Award of diploma by IIM Ahmedabad.
  • IIMA is responsible for the academic policies, course design, delivery, admissions and student evaluation of ePGP. Hughes Global Education India Ltd. is responsible for the technology platform, infrastructure and programme management support.
  • Specifically designed for junior, mid, and senior level working professionals and entrepreneurs with all the flexibility benefits of Interactive Onsite and interactive distance Learning.
  • Participants selected through a rigorous process that includes a written test and interview.
  • Quality interactions with experienced professionals and peer group learning.
  • Three campus modules of one week each to be conducted at the IIMA Campus.


Key Benefits of the programme

  • Advantage of learning theoretical and practical aspects of management from faculty of IIM Ahmedabad.
  • Work while you study. Attending classes at a time and place convenient to the aspirants (Hughes network spread across 50+ cities/towns, 85+ centres)
  • Benefits of Traditional Brick & Mortar Model and modern IOL technology (through Hughes, pioneers of ‘Class Apart' learning methodology).


Alumni–IIM Network

The participants are considered bonafide students of IIM Ahmedabad and will enjoy similar privileges, including alumni status.

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