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Chairpersons' Message

Prof. Anindya Chakrabarti Prof. Anish Sugathan
Prof. Anindya S. Chakrabarti and Prof. Anish Sugathan
(Co-Chairpersons, ePGD-ABA)

Data-driven decision-making is a defining hallmark of organizations in the 21st century. Application of data analytics is promising creative and cost-effective solutions to traditionally intractable problems in wide areas spanning the private and public sectors. This rise of data analytics application in management practice is equally matched by an acute demand for skilled analytics professionals who can deliver state-of-the-art solutions to business problems.

The ePost Graduate Diploma in Advanced Business Analytics (ePGD-ABA) offered by IIMA is designed to equip working professionals with the knowledge and skills to seek professional growth and career advancement in the frontier areas of applied analytics. The programme curriculum is designed to build strong conceptual foundations while incorporating recent advances from real-world applications. The mix of online and on-campus classroom sessions are specially structured to deliver a rigorous learning experience and peer-to-peer interaction, while causing minimum disruption to working professionals.

ePGD-ABA builds on IIMA’s legacy of exceptional academic rigor combined with focus on application to the real world. The programme is designed and delivered by the renowned faculty at IIMA, and is packed with sessions from industry experts and thought leaders from academia. The programme offers an opportunity to aspiring individuals and high-calibre professionals to be part of the acclaimed IIMA ecosystem.

We welcome you to a life-changing journey of personal transformation and professional growth with the ePGD-ABA at IIMA.


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