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Chairperson's Message

Prof. Tathagata Bandyopadhyay (Chairperson, ePGD-ABA)

Business analytics has been turning out to be one of the core competencies for the organizations to compete in the 21st century. The deluge of data that we see today can be used as powerful drivers for effective decision making. However, most organizations are still struggling to leverage it as there is a serious shortage of skilled personnel in the domain of data analytics.

IIMA has decided to launch a epost graduate diploma in advanced business analytics (ePGD-ABA) starting from March 2020. It is a blended learning programme having both online and on campus sessions. The objective of the programme is to up skill, and enhance the knowledge of the professionals preferably working in the domain of analytics, and to prepare them for taking up complex data driven decision making tasks in future.

IIMA believes in delivering high quality programmes, with emphasis on experiential learning and this programme is no exception. Besides explaining the theoretical underpinnings of the tools and techniques, emphasis will be given on the hands on learning using a variety of data sets from various domains of applications. Finally, you will be exposed to domain specific application of analytics in two chosen domains from different business vertical and public Policy.

Welcome to a life-changing and transformative experiential learning at IIMA.


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