Centre for Digital Transformation
Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad


The Centre for Digital Transformation does cutting-edge research studying organizational dynamics related to the development, strategy, and leadership of digital innovations. Using various conceptual frameworks that integrate theories and developments in strategy, economics, information systems, and other business disciplines, the centre examines digital transformation, emphasizing a focus on:

  • Role of Artificially intelligent (AI) technologies in organizational and societal transformation
  • Digital processes, products, platforms, and services
  • Digital channels for retail
  • Building online marketplaces and IT-enabled disintermediation
  • Digitally enabled customer participation for co-creation and co-innovation
  • Digital business strategy
  • Digital value chain innovations
  • Digitally engendered network effects
  • Digital architectures and governance models
  • Leadership in digital social networks
  • Business analytics
  • Human emotions and sentiments in the digitized world
  • Digitization and transformation of work
  • Effects of digitization on jobs, incomes, and wages
  • Neuroscientific dynamics underlying customer interactions with technology
Vision for the center

Positioned as a thought leader in India, Asia, and the World, the centre has a broad focus on Individuals, Organizations, Nations, & Communities. Engaging with communities, the centre focuses upon organizational transformation, informing or transforming public policy, academia, industry, and media (see Figure below).
Vision for Centre
Centre has a council for responsible digital transformation that is governed by an advisory committee. The goal of the council is to discuss and formalize frameworks that address dominant concerns and harness imminent opportunities arising due to digital technologies for the broader public good.

The Centre of Digital Transformation engages in various activities that guide thought and action in the digital era. Specifically, the centre focuses on activities that enhance an understanding of the digital ecosystem and catalyzes leadership, as it leverages its expertise in research and development of strategy,economics, information systems, and digital innovations. Following are some of the key activities:

Extensive research forms the bedrock for change. At CDT our primary goal is to engage in conducting and catalyzing cutting-edge research that may feature as research publications, white papers, and research reports. The centre may help provide data for external research, offer expertise in various streams. The centre is partnering with renowned scholars across the world who are being intricately involved in mentoring the research work. Please write to us if you may be keen.
Organizational Engagement and Offerings

Using cutting-edge pedagogical innovations, the centre undertakes consulting and research assignments, and offers executive education and training workshops, focusing on the impact of digital transformation and innovations

Digital Transformation Programme

Our mission is to help the country and world develop skill sets that bring about responsible digital transformation. Therefore, CDT is looking to make various initiatives and partnerships in the social and public domain, spanning issues such as those related to digital skill development, smart cities, and swachh Bharat missions, amongst others.
Outreach Initiatives

Talks and Discussion series

Knowledge Roundup

Research Conference on Digital Transformation